Large Medical Technology Portfolio for Worldwide Healthcare Industry

Technological advancements have simplified the execution of various tasks and services in multiple fields of learning and expertise. In addition, the improvements had made it easy for the daily running of operations and provision of services compared to the previous times when the paperwork made it a tall order for quick and excellent service delivery. The medical industry has also seen extensive technological advancements that enhance the quality of services provided within the medical facilities making it easy to give patients the best possible medical care. 

Probe system technologies provide an effective and extensive portfolio of medical technology, enabling the anticipation and fulfillment of the needs of the worldwide healthcare industry. The medical device manufacturer works to improve the quality of life through several innovative medical solutions that provide patients with great benefits worldwide. Some of the medical device portfolios handled by the company include: 

The Navigator System

The navigator system is a trusted surgical gamma probe for radio-guided lymphatic mapping and tumor localization. The probe system combines the reliability and features of the Navigator GPS, which got used before its invention. Additionally, the device comes with state-of-the-art wireless probe technology in a new, sleek design. The device is lightweight and compact. It is the portability ultimate with the advanced battery technology allowing optimal placement of the control unit within the operating system with no limitations associated with the power cords. The navigator systems stand out from other systems in that before use, no calibration to the probe from the control unit gets required, and it comes ready to use once it gets turned on. 


MarginProbe is a technological advancement technology for accurate margin assessment in breast cancer surgery. The device has three segments: breast cancer patients and physicians’ segments that facilitate the easy maneuvering of the systems for the various tasks and function accomplishments. The breast cancer sector includes partial mastectomy, Lumpectomy surgery, Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) and Lumpectomy margins. On the other side, the probe system patients’ segment has the MarginPribe advantage and find a doctor option which enables patients to get a doctor for their various medical issues. The final part is the physicians’ segment with only the clinical data that shows the multiple patients to get seen and the progress of every treatment plan in action. The MarginProbe enables surgeons to access the tissues in the operating room. 


The CoPilot is a probe system device that is innovative, portable and has an easy-to-use laryngoscope. The video probe system shouldn’t be used as an alternative; alternatively, it should be used as the standard car for all intubation patients due to its excellence in healthcare service provision. The device got designed to get employed anywhere it needed to get used. The portability nature of the device means easy storage of the IV pole in an emergency airway bag and or even in the back pocket of the medical practitioners’ scrubs. The device is quite helpful as it requires no bulky cart that gets pushed around from room to room.