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Is Ethereum Cryptocurrency Worth Your Investment In 2020?

Bitcoin has been quite popular across the global market. Different studies show that the credibility and the availability of this digital currency have increased its worth significantly. That is why there is always a friendly debate about the factors governing the Bitcoin price prediction in the market.

However, among the other forms of digital currencies, Ethereum emerges out as the new favourite of the investors. Not only it is trending the charts now but offers excellent investment plans for many. 

According to the professionals, 2020 will see a sharp increase in the prices of this digital currency. So, the questions lie here, whether it is profitable to invest in Ethereum or not in 2020? To answer this question, let us take a close look at the growth of this currency in the market.

About Ethereum

Right after Bitcoin, Ethereum happens to be the second-largest digital currency ruling the current stock market. It offers a unique platform for new investors. The developers launched this genius concept in the year 2015. It helps in building Distributed Applications and SmartContracts to run without any control or frauds from any third party. 

In many respects, Ethereum happens to be quite safe for investment plans. But the current condition has seen an increasing surge in the prices of the same. That is why it is essential to research more about the Ethereum price prediction to understand the future of these investments. 

How Did Ethereum Perform in The Last Few Years?

Ethereum saw a significant surge in its demands in the year 2016. But there was a substantial shift in the prices of this digital currency in the year 2017. Although the price inflation was as high as $840 yet the closing price dropped down to $740. But with the introduction of 2018, the currency saw a considerable rise in its demand in the market. The prices reached as high as $1360, which placed it in the second position right after Bitcoin. 

So, what were the factors that brought about Ethereum volatility? The detailed study on ETH price prediction gives us a vision of these factors. Studying these factors sincerely help you to understand the risks involved in investing in this digital currency. Also, it helps you to understand the scope and the future of all your cryptocurrency investment plans. Some of these top factors are:


Many investors favoured Ethereum as it was cheap and affordable in comparison to Bitcoin. As they invested in it, they could get a fair share of profits without substantial risks involved.


Other than financial role, Ethereum comes with other functions as well. This has to be one of the reasons why it attracted so many new-age investors in the market. The more people invested in it, the more valuable it got with time. 


One of the most unique and useful ideas of Ethereum is that no government agencies can shut it down till its alive. As long as people can make valuable decisions, Ethereum will continue to grow in the market. Hence in simple words, this one brought a revolution to the investment policies in the market.

So, do you often wonder how young entrepreneurs are ruling the stock market? Wonder how to use Ethereum investments for your firm? Watch out for the top 4 interesting startups to know how to use these digital currencies for the benefit of your business in the market. Explore their moves and decisions and learn the tactics to get the maximum advantages of investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum.