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Innovation Spotlight: Mamba Electronic Herb Grinder

Garnering positive reviews by different sources (including HighRise TV), the Mamba electronic grinder is set to be the grinder of the year (and probably will hold that title for years to come).  In this article, we’re going to give an overview of the Mamba, explain its innovative features, and show you why this grinder is truly in a class all of its own.

So let’s begin by outlining the grinder’s innovation-infused features that we’ll explain in greater detail below:

  • Aluminum grinding mechanism
  • Powerful motor and metal gear train
  • Loading compartments
  • Grate and funnel
  • One-handed operation
  • Sleek and stylish appearance and feel

Let’s start with the heart of the Mamba: the grinding mechanism.

Aluminum grinding mechanism

The Mamba battery powered herb grinder uses aluminium grinding plates with integrated aluminum teeth to grind your herbs.  This feature ensures that the grind will last: plastic and acrylic just don’t hold up to sticky, dense herbs after repeated grinding.

Powerful motor and metal gear train

The aluminum grinding mechanism is powered by a powerful electric motor which drives the grinder via an all-metal gear train.  No cheap parts to wear out here: only strong materials and powerful components.

The final drive gear ratio that the designers have chosen is the perfect match to the grinder.  It allows the grinder to produce consistent grinds every time and is fast, all without over-driving the teeth.

Loading compartments

We love the loading compartments of the Mamba electronic grinder.  Typically, hand grinders require you to load the herbs by pressing them between the teeth of the grinding plate, and this can be frustrating and lead to difficulty in getting the grinding plates back together.

With the Mamba, this is not a problem.  There are built-in loading compartments where herbs can be loaded, and then when the grinder is switched on, the aluminum teeth pull the herb through the grinder, resulting in thorough and quick grinding of whatever you put into the Mamba.

Grate and funnel

No more mess!  No more inconsistent grinds!

The Mamba allows for ground herbs to be dispensed through a clear funnel during the grinding process, so just position the Mamba over your container of choice and don’t worry about waste.  As for consistency, there is a perfectly-designed grate on the end of the grinding mechanism that allows only herbs ground to the right size to leave the grinder.  No more over-ground or under-ground herbs, which makes a big difference when you’re after a high-quality herbal experience.

One-handed operation

Anyone who struggles with manual dexterity will appreciate the Mamba’s one-handed operation.  We haven’t seen a grinder that allows for such simple, easy grinding.  In fact, the Mamba may very well open up the world of good, fast grinding to a whole new segment of the population who could not use hand grinders.

Sleek and stylish appearance and feel

Last but not least is the Mamba’s external design.  This is a truly attractive product, and it feels good in the hand.  Although a product that is very good at doing what it is designed to do, it does not look or feel utilitarian.  It is nice to hold, and feel strong and durable without being overly heavy or cumbersome.

Hopefully now you understand a little more about the Mamba electronic grinder, and can make an informed purchasing decision.  Although many products are good for some users and not for others, the Mamba really does address all the cons of other grinders while adding pros all of its own.

So…. are you still wondering what is the best grinder to buy?