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Archiving Mobile SMS For Internal Investigations

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, employees from financial firms and other companies were forced to work from home or remotely. While it is a good thing that these companies have been able to continue their operations, a lot of challenges have come up. One of these challenges for financial firms has been to remain compliant with the rules and regulations, especially when it comes to maintaining records of the employees’ communications. While most financial firms have the technology to remain compliant and support their core operations remotely, a lot are still having a hard time with these issues.

It’s a great thing that we can have the advantage of TeleMessage. Their technology allows us to archive mobile SMS, record voice calls easily, and even store WhatsApp conversations in case they will be needed for internal investigations in the future. Once we are able to store all the required data, there are still steps we can take in order to ensure that we are maximizing efficiency.

First of all, we can store captured data externally. This method has proven to be helpful over the past few years. It presents advantages in that it allows employees to work from home or remotely because they can easily access their files. Using external servers also enables investigators to access the company’s archived communications data.

We can also maintain records at a set schedule. This allows for better efficiency, and retaining messages for longer than the required time can give investigators more data should they need it in the future.

To learn more about this topic, here’s an infographic prepared by our good friends at TeleMessage.