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How Do Instagram Statistics Work?

If you are using your Instagram account in a professional way (whether you are a personal brand or a company) you should know the statistics of your account, your publications, your stories and your IGTV or Instagram TV videos.

Because the actions you take on social networks must follow a strategy, and you will only be able to know if this strategy is the correct one or needs changes through the analysis of the results you obtain.

Therefore, in this post, muchfollowers explain how you can access the statistics provided by the social network itself (and that, for now, in all cases, it is only available in the mobile version, not on the web) and what each means. one of these metrics that appear.

How To Activate Instagram Statistics?

To be able to see the statistics within Instagram, you need to have a company or content creator profile. If you have a personal profile, you will not have access to the statistics of this social network.

My recommendation is that, if you have a business or are working on your personal brand as a professional, change your personal profile to a company or content creator, if you haven’t already. To do this, go to the settings of your Instagram account, enter the Account tab and at the bottom you will find the option to change to a company account or a creator account. Follow the instructions on Instagram and you’re done.

If this is not your case (you do not have a business or work on your personal brand as a professional) you can keep your personal profile (and I recommend it, since this is the only profile that has the option to privatize your content to decide who can see it) and use applications like Metricool to know them.

Statistics Of Your Instagram Account

In this case, we are going to see what the general data of your Instagram account is.

How To View Instagram Statistics?

We are going to see the statistics of your Instagram account. To do this, you must access your Instagram profile from the Instagram app, click on the menu with the three lines that appears in the upper right corner and select Statistics.

Knowing your Instagram statistics can ensure that you know which post has the most engagements and best CTA’s. This is vital for every business and profile that are serious about their Instagram engagements.