How to Get More Out of Your University’s Security ID Program

Back to school is well underway, and that means another years of line ups at the book store, orientation sessions and, of course, new security cards for every student. If you’re one of the millions of students or staff that has just experienced all of these things once again, you may be asking yourself just how useful your school’s ID system really is. You might also be interested in finding out whether your school’s investment in this technology can be used to do more – potentially saving your institution money and increasing its security potential. 

Why It Is Important to Obtain a New Card

Security ID cards are made of a very durable, yet affordable kind of plastic called PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride. It may seem annoying to spend an hour or two every years when you go back to school by getting in yet another long line up to have your photo updated so that you can be issued a new security card, but it helps to keep you and your entire school more secure by doing so. 

With an upgraded security ID card printing system, your school can now print ID cards faster than ever, at a very low cost, so it just makes sense to ensure that your system is functioning as securely as possible every year. So the first step in getting more out of your school’s security system is to ensure that you have your ID card replaced as often as necessary. 

Safety First

It should be obvious that the most important part of any school’s ID program is to keep your school safe with student ID cards along with guests, employees, and any other personnel who might be on campus. The great news is that your security ID cards probably contain better security technology features than you even realized were possible – or else they have the power of becoming equipped with them. 

Used in a Wide Variety of Industries

That’s because security ID cards are used as a security system in an unbelievable variety of contexts. Some of the most popular places that you might recognize seeing employees and service workers using security ID include: 

  • Emergency Response Units
  • Airport Security
  • Casino Security 
  • Home Maintenance Repair Teams
  • Office Workers 
  • Hospital Employees 
  • Construction Workers

Along with all of these uses, military and police forces use security ID cards every day to stay safe during the most vital and dangerous of tasks. This means that you can rest assured that the security system that your school has in place is one of the best ways to keep people safe in use in the world today. 

How PVC Security ID Cards Work

Most of the technology involved in keeping ID cards secure is also used in other ways. For example, the magnetic stripe that may be embedded in your ID contains the same technology that banks all over the world use to encode encrypted digital information into their client cards, such as credit and debit cards. Such technology is 

Polyvinyl Chloride 

PVC – or Polyvinyl Chloride – is also used around the world in a surprising number of industries to fulfill a wide versatility of tasks. While many of these jobs involve specialized, industrial equipment that could not function without the use of such a highly durable and versatile material, many others are widely-recognized everyday items, including:

  • Household Plumbing 
  • 3D Printing 
  • Vinyl Siding 
  • Construction
  • Health Care Equipment
  • Clothing

Security Accessories 

Besides learning more about how your security ID cards function, you can get more out of your school’s security system by equipping yourself or your students with practical accessories. The accessories that are available for any ID card system are designed to help enhance its capabilities and ensure that people use their ID cards properly. 

For example, when you provide badge holder and breakaway lanyards with every security ID card, it will help those people issued a card to ensure that they do not lose it and always keep their card accessible. Since accessories like lanyards can come printed with school branding, these accessories can also help to promote your institution’s image and promote positive school spirit. 

The best way to get the most out of your school’s security system is to learn more about it. Now that you have a better understanding of how PVC security cards work and why they are so useful, take a look online at a security ID card systems provider to learn more.