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6 Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2020

According to the recent statistical report, 38% of the people stop engaging a website if the layout or the content of your website is unattractive. Moreover, 88% of people fail to return to a website if they have a terrible experience.

Yes, your website is one of the first places that allow customers to let you know about your business and products. So, is it giving off a great first impression? If not, here are a few web design mistakes that you must avoid to prevent your website design in Fayetteville AR, pushing your customers to your competitors.

No Mobile-friendly Design 

Lack of mobile-friendly design is one of the costliest mistakes that website owners make. So, if your web design does not perform well on mobile, it’s time to upgrade it for mobile-friendliness. Use responsive design and pay attention to design features such as buttons and text to enhance user-friendliness.

Not Including Call to Action 

Placing calls to action throughout your website gives your visitors instructions on where to go next and inspire them to act. So, include calls to action on every page to get the attention of your visitors and encourage them to take compelling action also while utilising the power of graphic design to maintain strong visual hierarchy.

Unclear Website Navigation

Did you know having clever website page names can confuse your website visitors? So, avoid this issue by naming each page on your website to match the page content. Moreover, keep it simple and place the navigation on the top of each page for easy access.

No Contact Information

You’ve a compelling business and offer quality services or products; but, what’s the use of it if you leave them without a way to reach out to you. So, make it easy for the customers to find you by placing the right contact information. Place your name, phone number, and address on the footer of every page throughout the website so that your customers can find you and communicate with you about the service or products you offer.

Long Load Time

Did you know 47% of people say they expect website pages to load in two seconds or less? If your website has a webpage that loads slowly, then you risk scaring and chasing away your potential customers. Check and fix any problems associated with the host you choose, image compression, browser caching, and more as these factors have a direct impact on page speed.

Not So Easy to Read Content 

From the red text on a black background to text that is too small to read on a mobile device, difficult-to-read content is the real culprit that leads to a high bounce rate. So, while creating a website, ensure that the content you post is easy to read and use H1, H2s, and additional subheadings throughout to break up your copy and provide plenty of whitespaces.

With 2020 fast approaching, it’s the right time to refresh your website design. If you find anyone of the above-listed mistakes, get in touch with your web designer and choose the right website design services in Fayetteville AR to take further actions that improve your website performance.