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Finer Choices for the CSGO Boosting for You Now


The nature of the fall in FPS in CS GO and the appearance of lags does not always depend on weak iron. Sometimes, you need to tighten up individual parameters of the OS or other programs to deal with problems and today, just such a rather strange selection of tips. Scattered, it will definitely not give a huge FPS increase, but by performing step by step it is possible to increase FPS in some separate moments. Along with all these you would also need the cs go boosting now.

How to increase FPS in CS GO

Sound Card Management

  • this can be done online also.
  • select High Definition Audio Codecs (Software)
  • select the driver for your OS and install.

After restarting the computer, go to Control Panel – Sound – Speakers \ Headphones – Properties – Advanced tab – and reduce the sound quality to 16 bits 48000 Hz (DVD quality).

There will be no noticeable difference in the game, but this will remove the load from the processor, which can increase FPS. 

Disk Defragmenter

This is the simplest thing you can do, it will speed up the loading of maps and launching the game. It is pointless to recommend some kind of defragmenter, the Internet is littered with such software. Choose at your discretion. It will not be possible to increase FPS in this way, but there will be less lags associated with the hard drive.

Remove exe file

Steamwebhelper.exe is a Steam-based and in-game browser. Sometimes it can take up a significant chunk of RAM, which will ultimately affect the FPS in CS GO. After starting the game, minimize it, call the Task Manager – find the Steamwebhelper.exe processes and complete all of them, except for one.


Go to the CS GO download folder After that, right-click on it and set the attribute – Read Only in the properties. Or delete it before starting it every time. There is an opinion that this is a file with sprays (when a player leaves a drawing on the surface)

Steam overlay

Maybe such advice will help increase FPS. To disable overlay in Steam, do the following: Click Steam – Settings – Go to the In-Game tab – clear the Enable Steam Overlay in-game check box and click OK


Disable Steam Overlay for certain games by right-clicking on the name of the game in the library, select Properties and uncheck Enable Steam Community in the game on the General tab.

Disconnect DVR

For owners of Windows 10 FPS, a significant increase in FPS in the CS GO can be achieved due to the disconnection of Game DVR technology. It is intended for video recording of games, while the toy itself is limited to 30 fps. To remove this “redundancy”, in the Windows search, select Xbox , in the settings, select the DVR for games and set Off .