How to find an IT job in Finland – A complete guide

With over 5.5 Million inhabitants the northeastern corner of Europe, a lot of snow, wildlife and stunning landscapes but apparently also plenty of opportunities in the IT world for skilled professionals wishing to relocate in this winter wonderland: Finland (or Suomi like the locals call it).

Finland job market has been developing at an interesting rate during the last decade and forecasts for the next one seems to be no less interesting. The country’s GDP has been growing constantly after recovering from 2008 crisis, though of just a bit less than 2%, and the job market started blooming again too offering new and unprecedented opportunities.

Good infrastructures, one of the best welfare systems in the world, basically no corruption, ease of doing business and agile bureaucracy make Finland really attractive for international investors and companies.

This is why the country’s job market has been developing at a fast pace during the last years, especially in the IT and high-tech industries in which demand of skilled professionals is surging.

What Finland has to offer, apart from the already mentioned natural beauties and functional welfare, healthcare and educational systems, are competitive salaries, one of the best quality of life worldwide and a network of companies and public entities deeply focused on research and development of new and eco-sustainable  technologies.

So, what to do if you are willing to start a carrier and find an IT job in Finland, simple follow these few and easy steps which will guide you through the search.

You can start by checking the sites of international recruitment agencies or if you don’t like any kind of intermediary you can  start searching on your own by browsing general sites and social medias looking for job offers you might be interest in to have an overview on the job market, salaries levels and commonly requested position and skills (this will help you to make minor adjustments, if needed, to your CV making it more appealing and desirable for Finnish employers).

In case you would like to check out a brand new and AI based job portal called ITJobs.AI. This jobs search engine is fast and easy to use, and, in few seconds, you will be able to explore the job postings and send your CV. Thanks to this website you will be able to find an IT jobs in Finland rapidly and easily. 

Lastly, not hesitate or worry about required language skills because in most of the cases you won’t be requested any knowledge of Finnish being English the main working language used not only in IT but broadly in the corporate world which is becoming more and more multicultural especially in Helsinki. On the other hand, in smaller realities you might be required to speak Finnish at a certain level to be accepted but this really depends on the job level and generally speaking from case to case.

This is really a good moment to start a career in Finland, especially in this field, demand for workforce is high, companies are generally willing to offer competitive salaries and interesting benefit packages in exchange for skilled and motivated employees.