How to Know if You Are Buying the Right Base Monitor Mount?

When you are tired of balancing your monitor atop of a stack of the books or moving your neck between the monitors that are far away to be viewed in a single glance, you need the monitor mounts. Following the growing demand for more organized, compact and uncluttered workstations, even with multiple monitors, the monitor mounts serve the best purpose to global professionals.

While there is an infinite number of options available out there, you can’t just go with any product you find online. You must want to be sure that you are going to buy base monitor mounts that fit your needs. However, since it can be a bit overwhelming to make the right choice, we’d like to make things easier with a complete guide to “buy the right base monitor mount”.

Monitor compatibility

Without any doubt, the first thing you must consider when buying a monitor stand is whether the stand is compatible with your existing monitors or not. Not all the monitors are the same, some are different in sizes and weight different to each other therefore their compatibility with a particular stand may not fit. So, it is important to check your monitor do not exceedsthe permitted limits! The more compatible monitors you use, the longer will be the life of your desk stand. Here are a few considerations you must keep in mind:

  • The monitor stand should fit your monitor
  • The monitor stand must have the correct VESA pattern
  • The monitor stand should accommodate the number of monitors you want to use

Mounting Type

As we know that there are different types of mentors, each of them have different mounting styles, which may vary as per the model and the manufacturing company. While it can be quite tough to buy a desk mount that has multiple mounting stands designs, you can be sure of getting the right one with custom mounting types.

Height Adjustment

Most monitors available on the market come with height adjustment facility so you can set your screen at the most ergonomic position for you. There are many that come with additional mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of workplace monitors at the height on the fly. This way you can easily adjust the height of monitors as per the height of the user.

Head Adjustment

Head adjustment is another special feature of the monitor mounts, which make it possible to adjust the monitors as per your comfort level. The head adjustment facility lets you change the swivel, tilt, and/or rotation of your monitor without any worry.

No matter what your height, monitor type and numbers of monitors you are planning to use at the workplace, buy base monitor mounts with the above-mentioned tips in your mind to make the right choice, which is suitable to your particular needs. Enjoy healthy and compatible working station.