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How To Find A Profitable App Market Niche For Massive Growth?

With the COVID-19 scenario hitting the dead end for the physical business presence and creating the high peaks for demands in the digital sector for everything possible virtually, mobile apps have seen an exclusive never-seen-before high rise. For example, a hundred apps in a particular category turned to 200 or 400, implying at least a 200% increase in the number of the apps. However, as easy as it seems to launch an app and download one on your phone, as complicated and challenging as it is to create one with a specific purpose. The significant difficulty is to find that purpose. A single area for your app to work upon in society, whether an E-commerce app or a service-providing application, is what you need to decide. For instance, we all have seen the home workout apps increasing in numbers tremendously after the lockdown announcement. We probably even downloaded a few of them, but that’s the area that kept the users engaged. Identifying that aspect is the key to a successful app-making process.

This concept is coined as niche. Let’s discuss it and figure out how to identify a profitable app market niche for the extensive growth of your subsequent mobile applications.

What is a niche?

A niche is usually described as “a domain or area that is precisely fitting for a short group of the related type” or “a distinguished division of a market.” 

Nearly all businesses can be multiplied or divided by the particular desires or requirements of their users. 

We have enlisted some of the most used measures to determine a niche, based on their: 

Demographics (age, education standards, income level) 

Psychographics (preferences, interests, attitudes) 

Cost(e.g., pocket-friendly, economical, expensive) 

Level of quality (handmade, economic, premium) 

Geographics (citizens of a particular country, city, or even region) 

The point boils down to why should you target a particular niche anyway?

Targeting a niche is a crucial business choice. It falls among the most profitable strategies to present a more reliable service or a commodity to a selective customer base than the competitors with broader market targets. It also helps decide the mobile app development cost in UAE and elsewhere. Focusing on specifics helps you develop the best by growing and adding features to the app which can not be targeted while considering a broader audience and market.

For example, with the workation culture being introduced, tourist places and hotels have transformed in such a way as to provide travelers with extensive support and care along with making the necessary in-room changes setup  to accommodate the equipment necessary for the people to work. It is one niche in the tourism industry that grew extensively in the past year. Now let’s talk about the mobile app niche for gaining huge profits.

Step by Step Guide on Obtaining A Favorable App Market Niche

Step 1: Pick an App Audience You are Excited About 

Pick an audience that excites you to do better for them. Whether it is your age group, people with similar interests like yours, or those with extremely opposing interests, choose whatever intrigues you, helps you question and criticize, and be passionate about it. Then, love the group you do it for; this will engage you every day to understand their needs, what problems they are facing, are interested in your app, or anything. Studying and being passionate about your audience are crucial keys to success in the mobile app industry. Mobile app development companies in Dubai say that you will never be enthusiastic about building something for them if you do not like your audience.

Step 2: Indulge in your app 3 Levels Deep When Choosing a Niche:

When picking an app niche, the customary practice is to go through 3 levels beneath; this implies commencing with a broad audience and stretching three levels underneath until you obtain a distinct section. Use the demographics to go deeper. Figure out the interests and keep narrowing them until you find some very specific niche.

Step 3: Discover an Intense Problem 

Users download the app if it solves their problem, pretty simple! For example, you downloaded the fitness app because you were home, and you wanted to get an idea about home workouts. Similar is your audience. You download what solves your problems; they download what solves theirs. 

Considering your audience has been narrowed down and is comparably small, it will be more straightforward to learn about their behavior and recognize problems. Then, you can focus on generating a value statement for your audience and resolve their urgent problems.

Step 4: Review for Profitability

At this step, verify if the predicament you recognized is a burning difficulty or not. If it’s not, it’s time to look for a new one! If it is, check for the existing solutions available for the same. Now, there will arise two cases: either you find existing apps for it or not. In either case, it tells you how to proceed. If there exist no outcomes, you have recognized a gap and are ready to give the world a new problem resolution-one lesser issue. And if, by chance, there are comparable products, congratulations, you do not need to create a market for it, and people are already ready to use the app.

Here are a few other methods to find a profitable app niche if you do not wish to go in-depth with the market and audience research.

Alternative Methods To Find A Profitable App Niche

Verify if people are paying money for related products.

Many entrepreneurs or startups do not devise a unique niche for their product; they attain a different way to satisfy their current requirements. For example, think about Uber, the taxi booking and delivery app, the need was there, but it just found a new way to resolve the same problem. Note that customer convenience is one of the effective success strategies of mobile applications.

Discover apps with downloads but no updates.

Among the most straightforward ways to obtain a concept for an app niche is to “explore the graveyard.” First, study for apps that aren’t making any updates anymore. For this, directly skip the first 4-5 pages of results; these will present the growing apps with frequent updates and content users. Jumping these pages, glancing at the left apps, and examining those apps that are still making downloads and are not updated anymore. Grab this opportunity.


While deciding a niche for a profitable mobile app is challenging, this helps get a clear picture of what exactly your app will do for your users. Our mobile app developers in Dubai can also help you pick up a niche.

It helps you narrow down your audience, stick to strict market regions, make it easier for you to target things entirely, and deliver a fresh product.