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Wryyyy Owned

What is Wryyyy Owned? Maybe you have seen it around the internet and you totally don’t get it. Wryyyy Owned is indeed “just a silly video” however it is quite an important one as it is one of the internet’s most original memes. The origins of this video (which was originally created using flash) dates back to around 2005 on the site “4Chan” and its /f section (which stands for “funny”).

The Wryyyy Owned video (sometimes mentioned as wryyyyyy or wryyy only) is a parody of people who get drink a lot, get drunk and do dumb or funny things. Maybe these things seem funny to the drunk person but not to other people. The context of this meme is based around how many people do not understand how they act when they are drunk.
This specific meme which started off an entire sub of wryyyy content was originally created by a user named “NCH”. It depicts a guy who is drunk and screams wryyyy or wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and then drops a commercial paving vehicle on top of other peoples heads. This signals that they are OWNED which is another internet culture word for “defeated”.

The main character from this video typically yells in Japanese before he goes wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and brings in the paving truck, thus “owning”. This is where the wryyyy meme comes from as nobody is even certain how many y’s are actually in the wryyyy meme since the word is typically cut off in the original flash content.

This original wryyyy meme content grew to such a huge level that there were shirts made with this meme in the USA at one point in time. Internationally I personally am not sure the reach but I know that almost every person I knew; knew about this wryyyy meme at one point in time or another. This wryyyy meme is so old that it actually pre-dates “meme” as a cultural term. Back then nobody knew what these would be called really and they were too “forward” and simply classified as “funny pictures” or “silly stuff” rather than using the now-famous-term “meme”. Today this wryyyy Owned meme is surprisingly still alive and has recordings in urban dictionary.

The original video has been converted to MP4 since as of 2020 adobe flash is blacklisted and all the original flash memes such as the wryyyy owned video are gone with it. To see the original video possibly responsible for kicking off the “meme culture” of today; here is the website Originally there was a but it has been removed at this point in time and nobody knows if it will ever come back.