How email marketing is changing the definition of marketing in the new era

Traditional marketing is all about showing ads to people in different ways and hope that they will buy your product after seeing it. It worked in every day because there was not much for people to see anyway. They went to a movie theater and saw an ad or read a newspaper and saw the same product’s advertisement. That was enough to make them believe that the product is something good. They could not do much research on it. 

Things are not the same anymore

With the technical advancements and Smartphone revolution, things are no more the same. Everything is available online. You can read all the news about the world online now. Traditional marketers cannot survive in this era. You have to find something else, something better.

Say hello to email marketing

If you want to grow your business and want to have more sales, you have to adhere to modern ways. Digital marketing is what you need to survive and grow in today’s world. Email marketing is one of the branches of digital marketing and you could say that this is arguably the best form of marketing available today.

How it works

In email marketing, you take someone’s email and start contacting them through that email. Sounds simple. Though there are several rules that you must abide to. When you keep contacting people on a regular basis, they just became familiar to you. They would start recognizing you.

The procedure of email marketing

Email marketing is quite simple. You place ads on different social media platforms to generate leads. People who click on these links would visit your website, or it could be an opt-in page (recommended). You ask people to enter their personal details like email and phone number in exchange for something free or an exciting offer. You could give them a huge discount on their first purchase as well.

Once you get their emails. First thing you do is send them their free gift or special discount offer. Later you can start targeting them with different offers and other kinds of stuff.

Golden rules of email marketing

You should understand that no one likes to get spammed on a daily basis. You should make sure that you are sending an email with a little gap between them. Also make sure that you send valuable informational email more. Once in awhile send a sales email with some discount or offer.

If you follow these golden rules, you will be able to convert these leads into sales.