How Do You Build Your Finest Automated Follow-Up Series?

Whether you are developing your first follow-up sequence or have been doing it for years, your follow-up sequence should be the outcome of a well-defined plan for attaining your primary business goals. Unfortunately, follow-up strategies are frequently devised on the spur of the moment or stitched together piece by piece over time. Such slow development produces sequences that are not the outcome of a well-thought-out, overall plan aimed to achieve the greatest results.

Furthermore, a great deal has changed since you constructed those sequences. There are powerful new marketing tools available in PowrLine. You’ve gathered vital information about your consumers, your product line has evolved, and you’ve learned more about efficient internet marketing. This guide to reimagining your follow-up is an opportunity to address everything you’ve put off.

Creating your finest follow-up sequence ever is

Here’s a step-by-step approach for developing a one-of-a-kind follow-up plan for your company. By following the procedures outlined, you may automate as much as possible while also improving the overall experience for your contacts. Any time you invest in this will pay off several times over when each new contact receives your automatic follow-up. Indeed, by devoting time to automated follow-up, you are investing in one of the most critical components of your marketing.

Make a New Beginning

Forget about your existing follow-up sequences while developing a fresh, enhanced strategy. Set them away mentally and begin over with a fresh viewpoint. We’re aiming for a thorough redesign of your automatic follow-up system from top to bottom. Modifying or adding to what is already there would only result in incremental improvements. Instead, make something altogether new that is motivated by your goal to increase performance.

Create a Strategy

When you think your follow-up approach provides an effective path to the destination you selected in step two and is favourable to attaining the goals indicated in step three, you are ready to get started. Make a list of everything you’ll need to put your approach into action. You will almost certainly require some material, such as emails or free reports. However, you may need to build whole new procedures, such as refer-a-friend programmes, “yet another sell” scripts, or graphic designs.

Take What You’ve Learned From Your Previous Experiences And Apply

It may take some time to implement your new automatic follow-up approach. Use the extra time to extract all the relevant data from your previous follow-up plan. Identify the important measures you used to gauge performance so that you can compare the new and old sequences effectively. Hopefully, your new follow-up plan will outperform your previous one. Only by evaluating the statistics can you determine if this is the case. Here are some examples of helpful metrics:

  • Rates of openness
  • Links are clicked on
  • Rates of unsubscription
  • Email-referred traffic
  • Email-referred sales
  • The number of leads generated over time
  • Purchase time on average
  • Average lead score
  • Deals that have been introduced throughout time.