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Finish Options for Slatwall Panels

When the time comes to purchase Slatwall panels for use in stores or homes, consumers find they have several finish options. This allows each person to select panels that add to the visual appeal of the space at an affordable price. What are some options a person should consider?

Paint Grade Panels

Men and women who wish to paint the Slatwall panels find a paint-grade option is offered. This style remains an industry standard and is easily affordable. Designed for paint applications, the panels handle light and medium-duty loads. However, paint-grade panels aren’t right for everyone.

Mirror Slatwall Panels

When a person wishes to make their space look larger, mirror Slatwall panels are of great help in achieving this goal. They enhance objects on display while creating a focal point. Consider this option for small spaces or anywhere you wish to enhance one or more objects.

Brick Panels

Do you love the look of brick but find it will not work in the selected space? Don’t despair. Brick Slatwall panels may be the solution you have been searching for. They provide the warm, welcoming look people enjoy in older homes and feature imitation mortar lines created with the help of T-aluminum inserts. Home and business owners alike might find these panels are ideal for their needs.

Cubed Slatwall Panels

Have you ever walked into a store and wondered how much time was spent installing the wall and floor tiles? What many people don’t realize is each wall tile was not installed separately. In fact, the wall may be made with cubed Slatwall panels, as the panels are designed to promote merchandise in areas with limited space. They add a unique and functional element to any store today.

HPL Panels

People want their home or business to reflect their personality. With the help of HPL panels, any space can do exactly this. These panels come with several factory-installed laminates for consumers to choose from, and the panels feature the same load-bearing characteristics as the paint-grade fiberboard. Furthermore, the panels come in different patterns with the collars and patterns varying by manufacturer.

Chemetal Slatwall

Individuals in need of durable Slatwall turn to chemetal Slatwall. They appreciate not having to sacrifice beauty to get strong Slatwall panels. The panels are made from aluminum and can be recycled when no longer need, which individuals are certain to appreciate. They don’t want the use of Slatwall to have a negative impact on the planet, and this option won’t.

Tire Tread Panels

Imagine having walls made from tire treads. While this may not be possible, any store can have the appearance of these walls with the help of tire tread panels. Automotive shops often select this option, but any retailer should consider the use of the panels, as they do catch a consumer’s eye.

The versatility of slatwall ensures every person will find the right product for their needs. The panel options mentioned above serve as only a few of the many selections available today. Check them out to learn which is right for your business or home. You won’t be disappointed when you see the offerings on the market today.