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Guide To Custom Word Press Theme:-

The world of the internet is so confusing and everything is so closely linked and matches with each other that it becomes very difficult for the user to distinguish. Word Press is nowadays one of the major sources of making website according to an estimate the 50% website is running on Word Press because of its uniqueness and it stands one among millions.

Word Press themes and templates are matchless on the internet. If you are looking for developing a website on Word Press then you are in the right place. The major feature of Word Press that makes it unique is a custom Word Press theme. Similarly to an extent the HTML  templates can also provide you with the layout, if you are looking for something more then you can go to the for the precise search of your theme.


 The platform of Word Press provides you with the two options rather choose the free theme for your website which is pre-made or to go for the premium one that is custom made. The custom made website is the one that the owner makes by keeping in mind the needs and uniqueness of his website or the business he is relating to it. Thematic work is developed in such a way that your business and the theme perfectly matches which is a healthy sign for the growth of the business.



 Every person running the online business may not be an expert in online surfing and knowing the basic info about the creation of an effective website for their business. In that very case, you can hire the individual person who is an expert in creating a custom theme and template. Similarly one can also hire an agency for the creation of a custom template and theme by sharing the business idea and what kind of business he will be looking for in the future. In fact, the individual or the firm owns those experts who are having a complete grip on the CSS, along with the JAVASCRIPT and PHP.

 Creating a custom theme is cheap or expensive? 


 It is a widely asked question around the globe about the expenses of creating a custom theme. In fact it depends on the demands and kind of business or the design of the theme what the owner really wants to have a theme like. Thus it includes a lot of major and minor elements that get count while making a custom Word Press theme.

 It totally depends on the owner, whom he hires whether he hire an individual for this work or a firm to help him around making a theme for his business store. Alongside if any other work is required to optimize or not the custom theme. It all counts and make up the sum of the custom theme development.


 No, it is not necessary to have a custom made theme for your business. In fact the advantages of the Word Press theme that is custom made bounds the owner to have a custom made theme instead of going for the free or premium themes available.

 The only draw of custom developed themes is its cost. It can be costly to make a custom theme but in reality, this cost will provide you with a lot of major positive points that will lead you to glory.


 If you have ever used the pre-made themes they will not provide you with 100% of the ownership. You are a partial owner in this not fully owner of the thematic stuff. It is because the theme that is developed by the owner is the real owner, you are a partial use of the theme. While in case of the theme made custom you have the 100% ownership, the developer will develop the theme and hand it over to you. Now it’s completely your property. It is up to you that what you do with the theme. You can also make changes in the theme whenever it is required to keep it up to date or can give a theme for the use to other and it’s up to you that you put it in free or with the premium stuff.


 Uniqueness is one of the major aspects of the internet. Similarly, if you want your site to look cool and different from others in all aspect you can design it in your own way to make it unique. For that very purpose, the custom theme is the best source of making the website unique. Despite all these some of the major aspects that custom theme will provide instead of Word Press theme and web template that are pre-made are.

  1. 1. Easy to handle
  2. 2. Mobile friendly
  3. 3. Easy to manage
  4. 4. Longer life span
  5. 5. Greater SEO ranking


 The custom made is the one that should be getting under concentration while making the business website. It contains a lot of stuff that can provide you with a profit. It’s ok to be a bit expensive and for its creation, you have to invest but the outcome of it is the thing that will make you feel amazed.

 The HTML templates are also a good source they provide you with the different templates, more unique and qualitative. Also if you want to have an eye-catching theme you can get to template monster as it provides with the biggest theme all around world.