What is a VPN? Why do you need one?

What is a VPN?

In this world of continuous technological progress and digital opportunities, privacy is a lot to ask. Everything you search online is visible to your internet service provider. Your online activities are easily traceable and are not private anymore for sure. And, it is also easy to track your essential data by a third party. So, The Virtual Private Network or VPN works as a mediator to hide your online presence. While it is always advisable not to opt for anything foul or wrong using any benefits, if one uses VPN with good intention, it always comes handy.

Still wondering “what is a VPN”? VPN enables a secure connection to other networks online for the users. It provides an encrypted connection. Initially, VPN was created for a secure connection in the business model. Nowadays it is really helpful in accessing geographically restricted sites, helps the users to stop any mediator from prying while you are connected via any public internet connection. There is a wide range of benefits that the VPN provides. Here we have listed why you should consider using VPN along with anti-virus software.

Why do you need one?

  1. Secure IP address and device

Most of the internet foul plays come from the misuse of an IP address. The hackers use the IP address for doing bad work and for taking information from your device. By using the VPN, you can easily stay on the web anonymously. Many websites also keep information from your device as soon as you open that website. Everything you do on the internet is easily seen a third party, be it your internet service provider or a hacker. The cybercriminals target the IP address for malpractices like hacking a device. So, all your information is safe when you use a VPN for browsing.

  1. Untraceable browsing history

Browsing history can be a real danger if your device comes in contact with any cyber breaching activities. Suppose you are someone with a medical condition that can cause you immense trouble if it goes public. Google works in an algorithm where you will get to see more and more related Stories, advertisements, news and information according to your search history. If someone works on your device and get a glance of something related to your search history and it turns out to be unpleasant for them, it will be a wreck. VPN saves you from all these circumstances.

  1. No more identity theft

Cybercrimes are not very rare these days. If someone gets enough data about your identity and they can use it for illegal works, for which you will be blamed without any further discussions. Most of us are connected to the internet literally 24×7. We are constantly working on bank transactions, online shopping or browsing and making it vulnerable to these foul activities even without our own knowledge. So, the only way out is keeping our identity private while browsing online. And VPN is the safest solution for that.

  1. No  location restrictions

Several applications, websites are restricted in different countries and locations. For example, while in China, you can’t use Facebook. VPN helps you to access the geographically restricted web addresses. Just switch to the VPN where the website is accessible and you are good to go. It comes really handy during travelling. Many overseas students also find it helpful for completing their university projects or assignments and submit them in the location restricted University sites while they are in someplace else.

  1. Public WIFI becomes safe

Public WiFi is the most common free service that we fear to take advantage of due to the safety measures. But with VPN, the public WiFi is absolutely safe to use. It is sometimes necessary to use public internet connection while we are in any café or underground transportation and need immediate internet connectivity for urgent requirements.

  1. Censorship is not a worry

Governor censorship is something that can take away a lot of opportunities from us when we need it. In some areas, sometimes internet connection is restricted for certain content. It is really bad for journalists, researchers or freelance workers who work on sensitive contents. With the help of a VPN, you can easily access such information and say goodbye to censorship.

  1. Saving money was never been so easy

Do you know that the price of hotel booking, flight or train booking and even online shopping varies on the location you are searching from? Well, if you didn’t know then this can be a wake-up call for you to use VPN from now on. Depending on your internet location, the prices can drop or rise. You may find a flight ticket extremely cheap from a VPN address of New Zealand than the one from your original internet location. That’s the beauty of VPN you should never miss out.