Google Adwords: the next frontier in advertising

All companies need to keep up with latest trends and business management strategies and, on the other hand they all are required to have their voice heard among thousands of competitors. Traditional advertising like commercial, tv, radio spots or billboards don’t pay back as much as they used to do some times ago.


Why? We all know the answer: web advertising rules the global advertisement system and affects people’s everyday life like never before.

Web advertisement’s currently the leading choice of every brand which wants to stand out and have its name loudly known. The basic rule sounds like a rather simple one: make sure your audience finds you before anyone else. How? Digital advertising is here to help you.

The most widespread and famous search engine, Google, provides every user with a tool, called Google Ad or Adwords, that allows a good structured campaign to be shown whenever someone looks for certain keywords and the more clicks it gets the more you earn in terms of visibility and why not, money.

Of course Google Adwords is not an automatic way of showcase everyone’s products, Adwords campaigns take time and hard work to be actually turned into profitable activities. Web agencies should always have among their team members, experts in online ads, skilled in analyse the key aspects of a brand and put them into an Adwods campaign. Such is the case of Viva Digital, a long established company focusing on Google and Social Media Ad Campaigns.


Campaigns, Groups, Ads: how to build an Adwords campaign

Generally, the most used and well-known ads are textual ones: it is basically a well-organized combination of keywords that allows “buyers” to obtain visibility in the best Google positions – before the organic results or in the right column.

How does it work?

In short, campaigns have a hierarchical structure: campaign, ad group, and ads. Each and every ad group, consists of a title, three lines of text and a link, you can choose an infinite number of keywords, which correspond to the search terms whereby the ads will be shown. Once ads and keywords have been defined, a daily budget will be defined for each campaign.

How is the cost of a campaign calculated?

Each Ad is paid for Click – the famous Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC).

Each keyword is associated with a CPC, defined by the auction, and the ads will be shown until the budget is exhausted.

Obviously, considering the costs, it is good to remember that popular keywords are equally contested and expensive in terms of CPC: a good mix of specific keywords, carefully selected after an adequate market study, is an essential prerequisite for the success of a campaign and, above all , to avoid bankruptcy.


Pay per (significant) Clicks: avoid wasting money

A web agency like Viva Digital or others will ensure Adwords budget will be optimized and distributed for the ads that perform best and that generate the most sales.

The customer will have control over the budget and decide independently how much to allocate to the campaign.

Reducing costs means making the campaign return and allowing you to have a positive ROI.

It is important to track visits and sales well to know for sure which ads lead to actual sales and which ones need to be changed.

Punctual reports will be sent by the agency to the customer to allow to always have the situation under control and possibly make changes to the budget.

Particular importance will be given to ROI and acquisition cost.

Entrust a professional team and start your Google Adwords campaign now!