Gear and Gadgets for Better Work from Home – Get Productive and Healthy

Work from home has brought a lot of comfort, especially when you have spent years sitting in front of the office tables. The thought of working on your laptop sitting before a TV feels awesome. Unfortunately, working in this way is not a long-term strategy. Even freelancers working from tents, hotel rooms, cafes, trains, and home offices have experienced issues.

There is hardly any distance or time to waste reaching your home office but freelancers and people working from home for decades have made many mistakes as well as learned a lot from these errors. 

Digital technology does work fine working from home but there are some other gear and gadgets you will need for good health and enhanced productivity.

Quality height-adjustable desk

Working from home means using a dining table chair and table or lounging on the couch, which is a bad practice. It will trigger shoulder or low back pain, which will soon start to turn chronic. Plan a dedicated space and add a sit-stand table. Studies have revealed that sitting consistently for 8 hours daily causes bad health effects, so while there is time it is better to take precautionary measures than feel sorry.

A height adjustable desk allows changing position through an automatic control panel. It will help to keep your energy and activity level enhanced. One of the latest companies on the scene are ez shopper, with their ez Desk rangeOne size does not suit every user, so the sit-stand desk is designed to change desk height quickly with a click. The motor is super quiet and the memory features do not need configuration every time you desire to sit or stand. 

Comfortable chair

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Choose a height adjustable chair with full 360 degrees swivel. As the seat is connected to the wheels, so moving around is too easy. The chair has generous padding and is a little curved for better back support. Ensure that the armrests are comfortable as it assists during lengthy computer sessions. 

Large HD monitor

An external large monitor allows enhancing productivity as your digital workspace significantly expands. For adjusting, the monitor position uses a desk mount to enhance its ergonomics. You gain total control of the display position. 

Multiport hub

A USB-C hub with multiple ports and features allows connecting with a computer, an Ethernet jack, HDMI port, and even has an SD card slot and Micro SD card slot. You can simultaneously use the hub with a laptop and external display, printer, camera memory card, cable modem, and flash drive. The battery of your laptop can also get charged when connected. 

Noise-canceling headphones

Work from home means a lot of noise with kids playing around, which can disturb your focus during conference calls. If you use speakers the noise can disturb the neighbors or members in your home. It is worth choosing noise-canceling headphones with quality padding and optimized audio quality. 

Robust Wi-Fi router

Your total workday at home depends heavily on a strong internet connection. Choose the latest Wireless router version to avoid any downtime even if several devices are used or connected. Even choose a proper and speedy Wi-Fi plan!