Free Online Merchant Account for E-commerce Merchants Are Now Real!

Life post-COVID-19 isn’t the same and things are undergoing drastic changes since the pandemic broke out months ago. Small businesses, merchants, and startups are struggling. Online businesses are the only survivors in these times as most people now prefer shopping online rather than visiting traditional brick & mortar stores. Amazingly, the e-commerce industry has emerged as one of the top gainers in the last few months, which has eventually led to stiff competition therein. If you are an e-commerce merchant, you should know the ways to sell more, get more customers, and earn more profits in minimum efforts. And an e-commerce merchant account is your most important step in the direction of making your business customer-friendly.

More about e-commerce merchant accounts in USA

Merchant accounts allow merchants to accept payments through credit cards and debit cards at a POS (point-of-sale) system, through invoices, and online. While there is no technical way to escape the fee associated with accepting card payments, there’re some merchant account providers in USA that can help you get a free online merchant account and save the money you would otherwise pay on each transaction made between you and your customers. These providers, like Payment USA, provide merchant accounts without setting up fees, monthly fees, and contracts while helping you enjoy affordable options of accepting payments online.

Wondering how can a merchant account be free of cost?

If you are still not able to accept that free online merchant accounts are real, let me tell you the truth loud and clear. It is REAL and very SIMPLE! Payment USA will attach a negligible service fee to the purchase made by your customers. You get the 100% value of each purchase. We’ll receive the processing fee directly that automatically pays for all your transactions throughout the month. When you get your monthly statement, the processing fee you’ll have to pay is ZERO. Finally, free online merchant accounts help you eliminate the fees associated with merchant service. 

Some of the greatest benefits of free e-commerce merchant accounts in USA

An e-commerce merchant account makes it easy for merchants to accept payments through credit/debit cards, and more. An online merchant account brings along several benefits for you, such as:

Accept payments online anytime – with their free online merchant account in USA, merchants can accept payments from their customers anytime and from anywhere.

Safe & secure fund transfer – as merchant accounts are fully secure and protected against any kind of fraud, fund transfer is safe and your customers have a fully secure buying experience.

The convenience of shopping for customers – merchant accounts make it easier for your customers to shop online or at your store using their credit cards, debit cards, and other online payment methods.

Increased trust and confidence among shoppers – you can add more customers to your store by providing them with a 100% secure option of online payments through your merchant account. The guarantee of safe payment adds to the trust and confidence among shoppers. We specialize in merchant account payment processing and have delivered highly dependable & reliable custom merchant processing solutions to hundreds of clients, so far. So, if you also aspire for success in e-commerce, having an online merchant account is the most important thing you must do at the earliest.