Expertise and Experience counts – Choose the right SEO Agency

When it comes to online digital marketing and website management, the importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO cannot be overstated. If you think you have a great looking site with original content and yet not ranking in Google, you need the services of a SEO agency Sydney to help you.

It is very clear that a proper SEO strategy is essential to ensure that your site ranks high in Google. Just ranking high is not enough. You need to maintain the high rank. Only that will make sure that visitors to Google looking for a product or service of your niche site get access to your site. That can happen if your site has a ranking within the first 3 pages of the search engine as very few people go beyond searching these pages.

  So how do you select a digital agency Sydney for SEO?

There are some criteria you will do well to follow when doing the selection for an SEO agency.  It is imperative to choose the Sydney SEO Agency with the right credentials so that you do not suffer any penalties from Google.

Penalties are slapped on sites that follow Blackhat SEO techniques in order to rank on Google. There are some short cut methods adopted by some SEO Sydney agencies to rank faster in Google. However, the benefits of such activities are short term only. Moreover, once a site is deindexed in Google or penalties are given, it becomes very difficult for that site to once again rank high later on.

The criteria can be as under:

  • Look for a SEO agency that has experience. This is important as such a company would have proven expertise in a number of projects that they can share with you.

  • Look for reviews, testimonials, feedback on social media, directory listings, articles submitted by them.

  • Look at the back-linking profile of the agency. See how many good quality sites link back to this company and you will get an idea of how ethical they are in their SEO techniques

  • Check out how comfortable you are when you meet with them and they explain their strategies to you. If you find them to be very abstract and not clear, do not choose such a company.

  • Check out the affordability and guarantee they offer on their monthly packages.

The above are some of the parameters you can use in the selection of SEO Agency Sydney.