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Everything About Next Update Of PUBG Mobile Game

Are you adventure lovers and looking for the latest news about the Pubg game? Well, you are landed at the right destination. In the Gamersmahi, you can read all the news about trendy and upcoming games. PUBG is one of the most popular games in the market. Around the world, many gamers are playing the PUBG game. Gambling the PUBG is the best pastime that offers fun gaming experience to the people. Without spending money you can play this mobile game and feel relaxed from the tension. 

The updated version brings new features like Godzilla theme, deathmatch mode, and others. If you are game lovers and need to know the latest news about Pubg or other games then you can visit Gamersmahi. It provides a fact about famous games in the gaming industry. Here we have explained features of the PUBG Mobile. 


  • Control setting for FPP 


One of the best features in this game is controls for the FPP. The new update is extra control settings for First-person outlook. Now the customers have unique settings for FPP and TPP. It is best for players who love to play in perspective.


  • Godzilla Theme


It is developed with the Godzilla theme that provides adventure gaming experience. It is a new theme set all over the game. Now the PUBG mobile is partnered with Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters movie. You can find a variety of goodies such as skins, game theme, special clothes, and others.  


  • Team Deathmatch


The new version of Pubg game has team deathmatch mode. In the version, two squads of 4 gamers fight each other in the area with the deathmatch rules. If the gamers die then they get respawned instantly or otherwise if you kill your enemy you get point in the game. You can win the game by getting 40 points. 


  • Updates of Zombie Mode 


The Pubg mobile comes with the Zombie mode that developed to provide thrill experience of players. The Darkest Night mode has updated and old zombies are replaced by new features. Now zombies have new capabilities such as Skinners, Tanks will empower close allies and others. Along with, the new factory is restored to the police station.

Also, there are large ranges of new additions which the gamers may value. You can instant new version of Pubg game on your mobile phone and play for fun.