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Best Puzzle Games For iPhone And iPad & Benefits Of Playing Riddle Game

Nowadays, many people play several games on their smartphones. So, the puzzle game is a unique game that only focuses on solving puzzles. This puzzle game tests the payer’s problem-solving skills, which include pattern recognition, word completion, logic, and sequence solving. A few games have a time limit, while other games give players with unlimited time and attempts. Puzzles can be used to speed up the knowledge process. According to puzzle expert at GamersGuruji, a gamer solving a riddle reason in a logical way.  This website has much more information about puzzle games. It boosts brain power that creates them a suitable option for use in educational purposes besides just giving more entertainment.

Best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad

A great puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours and many times fail to improve in the game. The puzzle games are always different, and it can vary from extremely difficult to super simple. Therefore, a lot of gamers have love-hate relationship with these puzzle games. Here are top pick for the best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad.

  • Red’s Kingdom
  • Framed
  • Ultra Flow 2
  • Dues Ex GO
  • Prune
  • Mini Metro
  • Photographs- Puzzle Stories
  • ELOH


  • Dissembler puzzle game


  • It is a modest puzzle game about unique structures on shading at any given moment. Flip sets of tiles o create matching up shading gathering vanish, yet that is the place the similarity to standard match-three closure. You want much more information about the dissembler riddle game, you can watch GamersGuruji. Dissembler is one of the riddle games that just feels great to play around with a strong jumble of puzzles and ongoing interaction modes.

Benefits Of Playing Riddle Game

Nowadays, you are likely to see kids playing a video game than putting simultaneously traditional riddles game. Usually, riddle games are considered a way of looking at entertainment. Still, riddle games not only entertain but they also exercise the increasing brain ability to learn and grow cleverly. In children, riddle game improves their ability to visualize and understand the whole-part relationship. Therefore, riddles help to increase the brain functions, and use of puzzles for educating children or adults can improve to be a fruitful attempt. Research states that solving puzzles helps raise the intelligence quotient level of the gamer. Here are some benefits of playing puzzle game.

  • It Improves Education
  • It Enhance Intelligence Quotient
  • It Improves Cognitive Ability
  • It Enhances Concentration
  • Riddles Improve Motor Skills
  • It Improves Social Skills
  • Improve Productivity