Email marketing survey examples

As a rule, the message always contains a brief description of the purpose of the survey and a noticeable CTA button to go to the page with the questionnaire. Let’s learn how to create a survey to beat such an invitation.

Content of the letter

Let’s take a look at what survey submission options different businesses use in their email newsletters. Usually, the recipient will not see questions in the letter itself. An excellent online survey maker indicates the following in the email:

  • explains the essence of the survey (what it is for);
  • indicates the end date for collecting responses;
  • informs about the approximate time it will take the respondent to answer;
  • explains what reward the user will receive (if bonuses are provided);
  • provides additional information.

You can not be limited to one CTA button leading to the profile. So, in the example below, the marketer started the survey directly in the email. Visually, the buttons look like functional ones. It seems that you will click on the desired option and answer the question. In fact, when you click on any of them, you go to a page with a full profile.

Gathering opinions about mailing

To successfully communicate with subscribers, you should learn about their interests. After all, an entertaining and/or useful letter will be waiting and is unlikely to be sent to Spam. Therefore, it is worth asking people if they like your newsletters. They do it in various ways. You can simply ask to rate the letter by placing the appropriate buttons at the end of the message, which everyone is used to on social networks. 

You can leave a call to vote, briefly explaining why this should be done. An AMP email with a response form will empower subscribers. If they want, they can write a detailed commentary with wishes for the content.