Ecommerce and Outbound Marketing

Opportunities for an E-Commerce business is ever-increasing day by day with the world turning more and more digital with every new day. But how much a digital marketer can avail of these opportunities depends upon his adept planning and perfect execution of his digital marketing activities. As for achieving his objectives, a digital marketer has these things at his disposal – Time and Resources.

As a marketer he has his own tasks and sales targets with long term, medium term and short term tasks and sales targets. Speaking of tasks, they are target based and created accordingly. Referring to sales targets, Long term sales targets typically range from 5 to 10 years in this fast-paced digital scenario. Medium term sales targets range from 3 to 5 years and Short term sales targets from 1 month to 3 years. Each of the term targets require different digital marketing approaches and efforts to fulfill them. Long term and medium term sales targets could be achieved through systematic, exhaustive, comprehensive and full-fledged digital marketing efforts aimed at brand building, online reputation management (ORM), content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, blogging, guest blogging, link building, URL submission, Get the SEO Packages for lowest price etc. Short term sales targets can be achieved effectively through a combination of various intensive, focused and proactive outbound marketing activities, digital marketing campaigns, ads, social media contests, coupon promotions.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting can be done in the following ways. Global audience targeting, Local audience targeting and differentiated audience targeting. In the global audience targeting method, you do only one audience targeting setting that would cover maximum audience across multiple locations and locations including cities, countries and even continents. In local audience targeting, your audience target setting is limited to only a locality or zip code. In differentiated audience targeting, you will have multiple ads and campaigns with multiple audience settings which may include location based audience, demographic based audience, psychographic based audience, interest based audience, gender based audience, age based audience, lookalike audience, industry based audience, job type based audience, job title based audience, job level based audience, job function based audience,extra. For instance, if you are using Facebook ads for reaching out to a particular audience first of all you have to set your ad objective and ad budget. Then, you have to proceed to choose the audience location to hit your ads to users of that location and select your criteria for the ads like age, interest, job title, etc. Upon these settings, you will be able to see the estimated reach of your ad for a specific period and budget. This lets you know how many people of this set audience you will be able to reach through the campaign. This allows you to change the campaign period and budget as necessary accordingly as to how many people you want to reach in the particular campaign.

Leveraging New Tools & Advancements

For an effective outbound marketing campaign, you can use multiple tools and techniques that digital marketing offers.You can create a comparison table listing all the major and minor features of each tool. Then, evaluate how each of these features of the respective tools can be utilized and leveraged to achieve your objectives and maximize your results.

For this, you have to research, understand and study the potential impact of all available popular and new tools and technologies so that they can be put to good use for your upcoming digital marketing campaign. For example, you can use marketing automation tools to schedule your posts so that your posts regularly and continuously reach out to your audiences without gaps and let ups. You can consider using Facebook publishing tools to schedule your multiple posts for upcoming days, weeks and months.

Reaching Out in Multiple Formats

You can use image and video making tools like Canvas, Pictograph and Biteable to make professional looking graphics, infographics and videos and the various  content distribution tools and options available in social media platforms to effectively reach out to your target audience. You can also use Google keyword planner, Google trends and Ahref for keyword analysis to be able to pick the top, popular, trending and happening keywords for use in your ads and posts. These apart, Google PPC, YouTube Ads, YouTube Network Ads and SEO to promote your Ecommerce website effectively and increase traffic. Get the SEO Packages for the lowest price here.

To Achieve Sales Targets

Unlike most inbound marketing methods, outbound marketing methods work faster as they have better capabilities to take your content across to your target audience with more speed and precision. You will be able to see their responses in the way of web page visits, link clicks, menu visits, product views, orders made, reviews received, brand interactions, enquiries received, link shares, and blog and news readerships. Check out and improve your sales.

To Try & Test New Methods

In order to achieve your sales targets quickly, try experimenting new methods and approaches and try to reach new audiences and learn from different experiences. This will enable you to see what works best for you and what not. For this you can try and test many methods with A/B Testing.


Though you can get countless orders for your e-commerce website irrespective of the website’s popularity, age and history through Outbound Marketing, what you have to be more conscious about is stepping out with a planned and studied approach ensuring to choose the right audience for every single campaign.