Discover the top 3 advanced git commands that will save you time

Firstly, I would like to give a little introduction about what are git and the benefits of using git in your projects. In simple terms, a git is software that is used for version control designed to handle your projects with good efficiency. The key benefits offered by git are performance, flexibility, features branch workflow, pull requests, security, high availability and data redundancy and replication.

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Now, let us learn about the advanced git commands that are going to save your time and help you do work in a better way. 

1. Git merge command

The “merge” command is used to integrate changes from another branch. 

Point to remember while using git merge command:

No-ff: Creates a merge commit.

Squash: Combines all integrated changes into one single commit

Abort: If anything goes wrong, this option helps to abort the merge and it restores the project’s original state. 

2. Git rebase command

Rebasing is one powerful way of rewriting history. All that a git rebase command does it that it will reapply a set of commits to a given branch.

The rebase is carried out by the following steps: 

– Rewinds your commits.

– It then adds the missing commits.

– Your branch commits will be applied.

3. Git reflog command

Reflog can be said as a mechanism that will record all the information when the tips and branches are updated. This command helps you manage information recorded in it.

Suppose, something has gone wrong and you do not what to do. In this case, you can use the reflog command. 

– Run the reflog command.

– You can see that somebody has deleted the commits or entered incorrect commands.

– Git reflog helps you get back to the original state of the project if git reset command is not executed yet.

So, this was about the advanced git commands that may be helpful for you in critical situations. You do not use these commands on a regular basis. You should use them to perform specific tasks only.