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Lead Vs. Quality Lead Quantity  

Digital marketing strategies were focused for a long time on the number of potential customers that could be captured. However, more and more marketing and sales teams agree that today the quality of leads is much more important for a business to open its doors to create fruitful business relationships.


  • Manage Your Leads Correctly


Affirming that less is more is correct as long as those leads that are captured save the sales team from wasting most of their time talking to people who will never buy. How do you avoid it? Allowing the central focus to be that of quality significantly increases the chances of converting a potential customer into a real sale. In addition to opening the door to those resources spent on the acquisition of these prospects, they are amortized when they become customers.


  • Avoid Using Hashtags As A Quality Strategy


While the use of hashtags can benefit an approach, it does not mean that these are reliable tools for attracting quality prospects, as noticed by Digital Agency Sydney. On the contrary, the most advisable thing is to do the work of defining the type of topics, calls for action and content that resonates better with consumers and make the appropriate adjustments both on the web and in social networks, or other media, in which you have presence of your company.


  • Make Quality And Quantity Balance


Although the success of a campaign is usually measured in quantity by the marketing teams, you should not forget that the sales team focuses its attention on quality. For this simple reason, it is essential to achieve a proper balance between the qualitative and quantitative aspects.

For the balance to work, both departments must change their way of looking at the landscape and consider that the two metrics are critical and indispensable for the success of a campaign. Being a reality that one cannot function properly without the other.


  • Other Settings That Will Increase Your Conversions


As the last point, your team must assess what other adjustments to make to obtain quality leads. The first step would be to turn the content to make it better targeted. This is important since, for example, there are multiple companies with successful blogs to which they generate a large amount of traffic. Still, unfortunately, only a few translate into qualified potential customers.

Our recommendation? Make your teams understand at what point their traffic goals do not align with their conversion goals. This will help them avoid wasting time creating content that does classify but does not generate money.