You are a wanderlust and visited a new city, and you don’t have a clue how to get out of this loop, but you are smart and noted the landmarks, which will help you to find your way back!

Websites are like a new city in which you explore and insight yourself. But how do you make yourself out of this loophole?

Breadcrumbs are the messiah that helps you.

In terms of SEO, it makes browsing exciting and easier for the users, making them stay longer and read more pages

Let’s turn on your mind with the world of breadcrumbs, and how they perform?

What are breadcrumbs?


Breadcrumbs, yummilicious name isn’t it? Do not get tempted as they are not edible. They are the prime part of the websites. The same as the example of a landmark in a new city.

Breadcrumbs plot a route to the viewer’s steps on a website and apprise the viewers on which page they have their footsteps on.

Confused? A small text path that is visible on the top of the website’s page that shows the user where they are on the website are known breadcrumbs.

Still not clear? let’s see it with an example. You are reading this article, and on the top of the page, below the heading, you can witness a line which voices “home-blog-what are breadcrumbs?”.

This is what a breadcrumb is. It shows you the path so that you don’t get lost.

Types of breadcrumbs:


As the edible loaves of bread are of different kinds, so is the technical one. Interesting stuff! Let’s dive into the types of breadcrumbs and what are their roles?

There are primarily three types of breadcrumbs, which have their significance and objectives.

Breadcrumbs of a website should be chosen in the same way you pick your favorite bread, one you love to eat from the stores. As the one you don’t like might end up in the waste, the same goes with the technical breadcrumbs, you have to pick the one which fits best for your website.

Have a look at the types of breadcrumbs:

  • Hierarchy-based breadcrumbs: It is the commonly used breadcrumb, which informs the viewer where their steps are and how they can get back to their home.

For example: Home>our work>achievements>contact us ||

  • Attribute-based breadcrumbs: These breadcrumbs are designed in a unique way, which tells the user which page they clicked on to get the webpage. It is widely used in e-commerce websites such as Amazon, koovs, and Flipkart, to name a few.

For example- Home>clothing>trousers.

  • History-based breadcrumbs: An unique type of breadcrumb, which shows user history, like which other pages the user has visited or put their steps on to get the desired page.

For example- Home>about us>contact details> writeups.

Perks of the breadcrumbs:


Your mind is crystal clear as to what breadcrumbs are. Now let’s get ready to know the benefits of breadcrumbs and how effective they are for the enhancement and growth of any website.

  • Breadcrumbs deliver a better user experience: Breadcrumbs help to boost the user experience by making it easy for the reader to come out of the website easily.

For instance, if you are reading the ‘about us’ section of a website and tap on it, then the breadcrumbs will appear and assist you in getting back to the home page with just a single tap.

  • Improve your site ranking: Breadcrumbs not only improves user experience but also makes your site a favorite of Google. Google uses breadcrumbs to classify the contents. In 2008 breadcrumbs were added to the result pages by Google, which elevated their importance.

  • Gives easy access to the content of your page: Uniformity is the best way to keep the users connected to your content. Breadcrumbs follow the same path of consistency, which makes the user comfortable and they have the clue as to where to tap for their specific questions.

Google loves breadcrumbs:


Users like breadcrumbs, but google has a crush on it. Google uses breadcrumbs in the actual search results, which helps in making your website much more attractive to the users.






Don’t make your users suffer like Hansel and Gretel, they forgot in the forest despite using breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs give easy navigation of the website to the users and they understand the working of your site effectively. That is why Google is head over the heels for the breadcrumbs.

Meta description: Explore the world of breadcrumbs and get a clue, what they are.