Playing Survival Mode with Minecraft Girls

There’s about a billion and one things you could do in Minecraft. Half of those things can be done in Survival mode. This mode makes you feel helpless. You have limited resources and you have limited health. You’ll have to gather wood to create tools and mine to make even better versions of them. In order to mine precious materials, you’ll have to explore the dark caves. Sometimes these dark caves can be a bit eerie and unsettling.

Once you manage to survive those caves early on, it’s time to build. However, you’re going to get bored with smaller builds as time passes by. You’re going to want to build enormous structures like towers, skyscrapers, and the like. However, these gigantic infrastructures are going to take time to build and not a lot of players have that patience.  

This is where the Minecraft Girls you could find on Gank come in. They could help you with all your Survival struggles. 


Some would say that Minecraft is nothing more than a kid’s game. However, there are also those who know the terror of exploring the dark caves within the game. The eerie sound effects of the caves, not knowing where the mob sounds are coming from, bats suddenly flying into your face. There’s a lot to be afraid of inside of a cave. But when you’re playing with a Minecraft girl, this all changes.

The caves and ravines become less intimidating as you have someone watching your back, making sure not even a single Creeper would creep their way behind you. They’re there to talk with you so that the eerie noises would be masked out by the sound of their voice. They could also help make mining easier and faster since there’d be two sets of square hands mining for resources. Right after both of you return to the surface, you’d find yourselves swimming in a pile of raw iron, gold, and diamonds.


Building large structures like mansions, farms, etc. can be a lot of hard work. It sometimes takes a couple of real life days just to finish one big building. However, if you hire a Minecraft girl to help you out, this would make building a breeze. Your building process not only speeds up, it also becomes more entertaining as you have someone you could talk to while building. You could talk about the latest gaming news like all the new upcoming games, or even the new Elden Ring trailer which has a lot of players excited. 

An added bonus would be if the one you hired happened to be a building god. They could be someone who has beautiful building skills who could make masterpieces just by using 2 different types of blocks. You wouldn’t have to worry about how it will end up looking because they would have it covered. Before you know it, you would have already built a glorious looking empire with them. All that’s left would be to populate said empire with Villagers.


There are some things you could only get in the game by exploring your world. There are multiple biomes you could discover with them and gather resources that are exclusive to those biomes. You won’t find a woodland mansion anywhere else other than a dark forest biome. You’ve only got a chance to find Sea Temples in the Oceans. You also need to go look for a Nether Fortress in the Nether if you want to collect Wither Skulls and fight the Wither. In an Infinite world, there’s no telling what you could find.

Fighting Bosses

There are two bosses in Minecraft and both are pretty difficult to deal with, especially if you’re all alone. But with a partner by your side, you have better odds of slaying the Ender Dragon and spawning and eliminating the Wither to attain the Nether Star to make a beacon.