Best Wacom Tablets for Drawing, Animating, 3D Modelling and More

If you want to work in the design world, 3D modeling or animation, having a digital graphics tablet is going to go a long way. It’s easy to see why, because these tablets are exceptional, very high quality and truly deliver the type of value and quality that you want. The advantage is that you can access all the great features in a unique package, and the attention to detail is outstanding. But since there are lots of different models, which one do you go for? Here are some of the top Wacom tablets that you can buy right now. 

Wacom Cintiq 

Wacom Cintiq is one of the best tablets for those that want outstanding work quality and a great screen. They added a very responsive pen, and you also have a very good set of colors. The HD clarity and ergonomic design recommend it as a solid, professional and comprehensive solution that everyone wants to use.

It’s also great to see that you have 2 sizes to choose from too. If you want a more portable unit, the 15.6” one will do the trick, whereas you also have a 21.5” option that’s great for comprehensive, immersive and large projects. It helps add in a powerful perspective and you will be amazed with the natural feel, precision, responsiveness and outstanding battery life. 

All in all, the Wacom Cintiq is going to be one of the best options for anyone that wants to access a great pen display with a great visual quality and unique perspective. If you are a fan of great tablets, then this is certainly something to focus on, especially since it caters to illustrators and general designers. So it covers many different niches, while also being a pleasure to use.

Wacom Intuos Pro

As the name suggests, Wacom Intuos Pro is not something for the regular user. It’s a Pro level pen tablet and it can help you create pretty much everything you imagine and brings it to life. The fact that it features premium materials is great because it helps add in a stunning value and the experience as a whole is always going to impress.

Of course, the Wacom Intuos Pro has customizable features like the pen side switches, custom express keys, touch rings and so on. Having all of these in a single package is what sets it all aside, and we guarantee you will have an extraordinary time working with it. The premium pen also delivers, and combined with the bundled apps it gives you the unique perspective you wanted without any challenges. 

Wacom One

Right off the bat, Wacom One seems like a great tablet, very easy to use and portable thanks to the 13.3” screen. But what sets it apart is definitely the support for many different apps, and the fact that you can do visual thinking on it. The drawing process is simple and seamless too. There are little to no reflections, and even using tools like a chalk, pencil, marker, pen, paintbrush or an eraser are always going to work exactly the way you expect. It’s a great opportunity and something you will appreciate quite a lot.

Annotation is also possible on the Wacom One, something that a lot of users like. You can also personalize videos and images too. That means there are some slight editing features which do help add to the experience while improving the way you interact with everything. Yes, there are obvious challenges that you will encounter, and the best part is that you can improve and implement everything with the designated tools. A powerful, all rounded tablet for graphicians.

Wacom Bamboo Slate

Wacom tried to bring something new to the table with the Wacom Bamboo Slate, and they really delivered. These are smartpads that help you transform how you write on paper and transfer it digitally. When you write something, the Wacom Bamboo Slate will automatically digitize your notes, so you can save them in a file. 

Having that feature really changes the way you write something and offer any insights or write things. You can save everything, but also edit and organize your work digitally. Having that is going to help revolutionize how you implement and enhance everything, and in turn you will find it all to work extremely well in the long term.


Should you buy Wacom graphics tablets online? Yes, they are great and if you work in the graphics or design world, this can be a very good idea. Of course there are challenges that can arise, but overall you will be amazed with the quality and exceptional benefits. We are firm believers that a powerful tablet is always going to help enhance the process, and it’s a good idea to find the right one that fits your needs. Wacom is a staple within the industry, and it can help you with top of the line products!