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Best Android Messaging Apps to Try

If the trend is instant chat applications such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, do not forget our good old SMS / MMS that are still very popular. Here are the best Android apps to read, receive and manage your conversations.

On most Android Smartphone’s, the SMS client installed by default is the home application of the manufacturer. They are generally poor in options in addition to not being very pretty. If some are more successful, it still does not prevent going elsewhere if the grass is not greener. That’s why we offer here our selection of the best texting applications on Android in 2020.  Here the thing that you always need to remember is you need to check the current market and the buyers trend always that what exactly people are buying. What’s in the market, what’s in the current trends? This will allow you to follow latest market trends and you will be up to dated as well. Let’s check below the list of top 5 best Android messaging Apps.

Best Android Messaging Apps 2020

  • Android Messages: simple and complete

Android Messages is often the default application, but it is no less powerful. This is one of the few supporting the RCS these days, and the most complete and easy to use. Conversations can be saved automatically to your Google Account so you do not lose anything and the app has a dark theme. It is not more complete, even if its simplicity will annoy the most demanding.

  • SMS Pulse: the encrypted backup

Pulse is often considered one of the best SMS / MMS clients available on Android, and for good reason: its interface with minimalist design, but neat is beautiful. With it, you will also find many customizations and the ability to save your messages in the cloud. This service is paid for, but encrypted end-to-end, which guarantees an increased security of your data.

  • Chomp SMS: additional functions

Who knew the beginnings of the jailbreak on iPhone will perhaps remember this name: it was the first MMS compatible application, something that the iPhone was missing before. On Android, it looks like the Hangouts fire and offers some nice features like the ability to close messages with a digital code, and pop-up to quickly find his conversations.

  • Textra: the most customizable

At Textra, the great strength is the ultra-sophisticated customization of the interface. More than 100 themes are available for this application and dozens of modifiable functions make it possible to optimize your use. A blacklisted SMS and MMS blocker will allow you to quickly clean up; when an SMS / MMS scheduler will make sure you will not miss any more birthday.

  • Messenger by Facebook: to have an application in less

Facebook Messenger is the most used instant chat application in France. Did you know that she also handles SMS / MMS conversations? If you like the interface and the bubbles, you can simply mix your Messenger conversations and text conversations to have one application.

  • QKSMS: open source without ads

If you think that an SMS / MMS application should be open source to avoid any problem for your privacy, QKSMS is for you. The application is open source and does not include any advertising, but do not forget to offer all the features you have the right to expect: advanced customization, dual SIM management, backup and restore messages, blacklist … It even offers the possibility of having your bubble conversations, and adapts to Android Wear.