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8 Ways to Use Chatbots for Marketing and Sales

Thanks to developments in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, chatbots have substantially evolved in the past several years. Chatbots from firms like ConvertoBot are currently being used to automate a myriad of business processes including customer support and marketing.

You can use chatbots to smoothly push customers through your sales funnel through the following marketing initiatives.

A More Personalised Customer Experience

The direction and nature of a conversation is significantly different with someone who knows than with someone who does not. Chatbots utilise social media and other digital sources to collect information about everyone with whom they interact. A chatbot can also provide customised shopping advice based on your purchase history and buying habits.

Engage in a Larger Capacity

Chatbots not only engage your customers but also work to keep them which is a major advantage. They attract your users’ attention, learn from the interactions and send appropriate information to the users about your product, services and brand. Chatbots can sell in a personalised, conversational and interactive manner.

Enlarge Your Audience

Chatbots are often found on social media messaging platforms where they have an endless array of people with whom they can engage. They can make you more readily available to your customers by venturing into new demographics and also being available across numerous messaging platforms. You can then use the larger audience to increase sales.

Collect and Scrutinise Customer Feedback and Data

Chatbots provide the ideal platform to gather feedback from your customers by organically asking questions in conversations as opposed to asking customers to complete surveys. The chatbot can also analyse the data it collects from users to show you exactly what your audience desires. Therefore, you can alter your marketing strategy to one that best meets your audience’s needs.

Send Personalised Notifications

Sending multiple messages to your mailing list is cumbersome to you and a nuisance for most customers. Using a chatbot which captures and analyses, you can send relevant personalised notifications that your users are more likely to open and read.

Fun Engagement with Your Brand

Chatbots can make interactions with your users’ fun. Using your website’s chatbot for a more interactive marketing approach that makes the customer feel involved not only makes it more fun, but also leaves a lasting impression. Moreover, it can increase the number of visitors to your site by sharing links to content you generate.

Be More Proactive

Brands typically have a passive strategy to customer relationships meaning that they only engage a customer if they initiate an interaction. A chatbot will initiate the conversation based on the information collected making the user aware of its presence. Therefore, you will appear more proactive which will not only increase improve interactions but it will also enhance your brand’s reputation and increase sales.

Smoothen the Buyer’s Journey

 A chatbot will make your lead nurturing campaigns much more effective by collecting the most pertinent information and conduct some tests with personalised messaging. You can then use the data to customise your marketing strategy to every lead.