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Benefits of Fluorescent Light Covers for Offices

There are plenty of positive things to be said about fluorescent lights. They’re more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, last far longer, and emit less heat. However, fluorescent lights can also produce unwanted health effects in office environments.

The good news for energy-conscious business owners is that there’s an easy way to take advantage of all fluorescent tubes have to offer without suffering the adverse effects. Installing fluorescent light covers is easy and affordable. Read on to find out about the key benefits of purchasing these specialized light filters to see why they’re worth the investment.

Soften and Diffuse Light

One of the most common complaints about fluorescent lights is that prolonged exposure to them can cause eyestrain and interfere with sleep cycles. Filtering the light using a high-quality light cover helps to soften and diffuse it, preventing eyestrain and associated adverse effects like pain and long-term eye complications.

Alleviate Headaches

Not all people experience migraines or other severe headaches upon excessive exposure to fluorescent lights, but these problems are not at all uncommon. Filtering the light before it reaches living or working areas can eliminate problems with headaches, making it easier for workers to concentrate in office environments. Even if no one is complaining about headaches, installing light covers is still a good idea since it can improve mood and increase productivity.

Absorb UV Rays

Fluorescent lighting emits UV radiation, which can cause health problems following long-term exposure. UV exposure can also damage natural and man-made materials, fade paint, and damage sensitive electronics. Installing fluorescent light covers is a great way to reduce the whole office’s exposure to potentially damaging UV radiation.

Produce Full-Spectrum Light

Some types of specialized light cover turn regular fluorescent lights into full-spectrum bulbs. Unlike the harsh light emitted by uncovered fluorescent tubes, full-spectrum light helps to regulate hormones, improving people’s mood and sleep cycles, and helping to keep stress at bay. If there are any potted plants growing in the office, they’ll also benefit substantially from making the switch to full-spectrum light.

Reduced Glare from Computer Screens

Uncovered fluorescent lights can create some serious glare. Given that just about every office worker spends most of his or her time in front of a computer screen, that’s a problem. Reducing glare on computer screens by installing light covers and placing blinds over windows can help workers avoid eyestrain, headaches, and other issues associated with squinting at difficult-to-read screens.

Improve Employee Productivity

One happy result of all the effects of fluorescent light covers discussed above is that, when combined, they tend to lead to increased employee productivity. Think of it this way: workers who are struggling with headaches, sleep loss, hormonal disruptions, and eyestrain will never be able to perform at peak levels. Eliminating all those problems can improve office workers’ moods and reduce barriers to achieving maximum productivity.

Buy Light Covers Today

Ready to improve the entire ambiance of the office? There’s no need to replace those energy-efficient fluorescent lights for costly alternatives. Instead, business owners and office managers can purchase high-quality light covers that all but eliminate the many problems associated with bare fluorescent bulbs.