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Free Speech: Why Is Big Tech Censoring Free Speech?

Free speech is protected by the First Amendment, but is this protection offered too all or only to some? Many people these days are asking why is big tech censoring free speech. No matter what side of the aisle a person is politically, the censoring of speech should concern everyone.

Voices Are Being Silenced

While it is illegal for the government to censor speech, big tech is free from this law and exercises their rights to censor individuals on an almost daily basis. These giant corporations seem to be controlling what American citizens can say more than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, and other big corporations have the right to censor users. While many cry that their first amendment rights are being infringed upon, the truth is, these corporations have the right to silence just about anyone, no matter how unfair it may seem.

Political Censorship Is Rising More Than Ever Before

The political tides have ushered in a lot of unwanted baggage for American citizens. Big social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are being saddled with a “duty” that states they must remove any form of extremism.

Some say people who do not like how Facebook or other large entities conduct business have the option of going elsewhere or even starting their own social media platforms, but is this argument valid? It is clear Facebook reigns supreme in the control of social media. While individuals have set out to create their own platforms, these have proven to be lacklustre at best. Those who use Facebook to conduct business cannot simply walk away from the platform without it causing major problems for their wallets.

Setting Up a Social Media Platform Is Not Simple

Those who would say a person should take their business elsewhere really do not understand the ramifications of free speech compromise. When a person is shuttered away from a massive platform like Facebook and Twitter, they really have no other choice. Yes, there are DIY approaches available, but at what cost? There is a reason no one else has become a real challenge to big tech companies like Facebook. No one else can afford to take on the grand scale that is afforded to these giants.

What Can Be Done About Big Tech Censorship?

No matter a person’s political beliefs, there is one common factor among American citizens. It seems everyone is growing weary of the overreach and untouchability of big names in social media and other giants. Recent scrutiny reveals there is still much unknown about the influence these giants have on American citizens and the world.

Only time will tell if congress truly enacts laws that stop big tech from over-censoring its users. In the meantime, everyone needs to make sure their voices are being heard. Speak out about free speech often and follow through with passionate debates. There has never been a more important time for American citizens to work to protect their rights. Those who sit back and remain complacent may one day have no voice.