Are You Aware of the Difference Between Video Wall and Projection?

Although LED video walls are considered to be a superior display technology, you cannot underestimate the power of video projection as well. You may find under certain situations the low-cost solution of video projection can also offer a similar level of display that you can find with the video walls offered by LED technology. 

You must have come across a LED screen offered by Dynamo LED Displays who is one of the very well-known manufacturing companies for LED display company, which has their factory in the UK and Dubai. This company has a specialization in the display products like: 

  • LED Tickers 
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Let us, therefore, make a short comparison between an LED video wall and a video projection.

LED video walls

The following are a few attributes of video walls offered by LED video walls.

  1. Although LED display will have a little higher initial cost, however, it will offer a vibrant and vivid colour of your picture.
  2. The lifespan of any LED display will be anything between 50,000 hours to 200,000 hours as most users may not use them with full brightness.
  3. LED video walls are going to use something that is called “pixel pitch” for establishing the image resolution within a minimum viewing distance.
  4. LEDs are usually made in batches and hence even if you get this display from the same manufacturer still their colour consistency and reproduction may vary from batch to batch.
  5. All these video walls are able to emit a powerful RF energy that can wreak havoc on a wireless microphone, video, in-ear monitor (IEM), intercom, and also wireless networking equipment all around.
  6. LED video walls will need regular maintenance.
  7. LED video walls can easily be configured.

Projection display

Let us now look at the few attributes of projection display:

  1. Video projection offers an inexpensive solution for display that can be used in large gatherings.
  2. The most laser projectors can offer a life of a minimum of 20,000 hours.
  3. You will get a quite appreciable amount of resolution.
  4. Projectors can produce much larger images.
  5. Video projectors however will need a regular replacement.
  6. Video projectors are much easier to install. 

For any exterior commercial application in a certain large venue, LED video walls will remain the clear-cut favorite.  Any commercial signage that is competing for attention, with its imagery that will be bright and colorful, LED video walls will always be preferred.

However, projectors will make sense in a few applications, where there are budget constraints and they need a large display, where optimal image quality may not be an issue. Also, projectors can work quite well in those exterior areas where enough ambient lights are not available.

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