All You Need to Know About Computer Repairs

Each year people become more and more dependent on the use of their computers for entertainment and for business. Most people spend the majority of their day staring at their computer at work for eight hours and then again when they get home. Whether you use yours purely for business, watching Netflix, playing video games, or just surfing the web you know how important it is to the lifestyle you’ve created.

This heavy reliance on computers makes the inevitable day they break all the more devastating. Most people immediately think it means they have to go out and spend a bunch of money on a brand new laptop. But, there are other options. You could continue enjoying the laptop you love, save yourself some money, and help the environment by visiting a computer repair shop. If you are located in Orange County, CrackedMyPhone has a repair shop in Costa Mesa and offers 90 day warranties.

Should I Attempt Computer Repair Myself?

While attempting a Computer Repair on your own might seem like an obvious first step to most people, it can lead to lost data, compromise security, void any warranties, and end up with a more expensive repair then you began with.

    • Lost Data: There are a couple different ways you could potentially lose all of your data taking the wrong steps during the Laptop Repair process. If it is a software issue, a lot of tutorial guides will recommend restoring your computer to its factory settings. This will delete all of your data unless you had backed up your computer shortly before it crashed. If there are hardware issues, opening up a computer to it’s hard drive always has the potential to break it resulting in lost data.


  • Compromised Security: There are countless scam websites out there offering solutions for broken computers by just downloading a link. More often than not these sites are trying to infect your computer with even more viruses or steal your personal information.
  • Voided Warranties: Opening the wrong panel can void any and all warranties you currently have on your computer. An expert repair shop will not only know exactly where these panels are, but they know how to get around voiding warranties as well.
  • Causing a More Expensive Repair: Not only could you compromise your security, lose your data, and void your warranties, after your efforts of repairing your own computer you may have done more harm than good.


Steps and Expertise Required for Troubleshooting a Computer Issue

Accurately troubleshooting your computer requires expertise in both the hardware of the computer and the software. Before even attempting any repairs, an expert will first go through the computer to figure out what is wrong with it. Accurately identifying the problem is a crucial step to avoiding extra damage during a repair. If this is already beginning to sound confusing, CrackedMyPhone has a convenient repair shop in Costa Mesa for anyone residing in Orange County. The steps to troubleshoot a computer issue generally proceed as follows:

  1. Identifying the source of the problem is oftentimes the most difficult part of the process. Once you know what is going wrong with the computer, figuring out the actual cause of the issue is not a simple task. Generally, you first want to identify whether it is a hardware issue or a software issue. Once you have figured this out narrowing down the cause of the problem becomes much simpler.
  2. Once you believe you have identified the source of the problem, you want to confirm you are correct. If you know the source of the problem, you should also be able to recreate the problem. Recreating the problem is a great way of confirming you have determined the correct cause of the problem.
  3. The final step involves trial and error to determine a solution to the problem. There are great resources to find out potential solutions to the cause of many problems such as and your computer’s manufacturer forums. 

Pros & Cons of Repairing a Computer

Ultimately the choice between getting your computer repaired by an expert, attempting to repair your computer by yourself, or just simply purchasing a new computer is entirely up to you. Most IT experts will never recommend attempting a self-repair unless you have a strong background in computer science or computer engineering. So, that leaves you with either getting your computer repaired by an expert or purchasing a brand new computer. Here are some pros and cons to getting your computer repaired by an expert.


  • Far less expensive than purchasing a new computer.
  • CrackedMyPhone offers a 90 day warranty on all repairs. This ensures the repair they perform fully fixed the issue so you’ll be able to continue enjoying the laptop you love.
  • Anyone residing within Orange County has a convenient repair shop right around the corner in Costa Mesa.
  • You won’t need to spend hours researching the best option for your next laptop. The laptop you currently have is already perfectly fit for your needs since you did this research the last time you bought a computer.
  • Repairing computers instead of throwing them away also helps the environment. Every computer has rare metals inside of them and they take long periods of time to decompose.


  • If you don’t like your current computer, you won’t be able to get a new machine.
  • You won’t receive the unboxing experience so many people love.

Using CrackedMyPhone is the Smarter Choice

CrackedMyPhone offers Orange County Computer Repair services with a 90 day warranty. This ensures whether you’re visiting for a Laptop Repair at Costa Mesa or an Apple repair Costa Mesa your computer will be fully repaired in a lasting way. The reason CrackedMyPhone is able to offer a warranty plan this great is because they simply do not believe in hot-fixes. Prior to even attempting a repair, they will fully diagnose your computer ensuring they are fixing the true root cause of your problems instead of just putting a band-aid on it.