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Advantage and disadvantage of Virtual phone system 

A virtual phone system is also known as hosted phone systems that offer an excellent way for the business to utilize the features available with on-site providing. At the same time, you still enjoy the saving and flexibility of the VoIP tool. Hosted voice systems are a hybrid of PBX systems and standard VoIP. All the calls will be routed with either a T-1 line or an internet connection. The software usually used is kept at an off-site location, a provider that reduces maintenance and equipment costs, allowing the automatic upgrade to phone equipment.

Hosted voice systems don’t experience any fault. Thus, routine calls through the internet make it vulnerable to cyber hack; the critical issue when using a hosted voice system is security. Also, it only allows users to be reliant on a single services provider with a single location for phone communication. Therefore, before you switch to the hosted voice system, consider the following its advantage and disadvantage.

Advantages of Hosted voice systems

Automatic system and maintenance upgrade online without the need for portability, mobility, and physical equipment cut costs. It also offers more features and flexibility compared to traditional in-house PBX voice systems. Since you already have a comprehensive tool that will cover your entire need, you don’t have to purchase any real hardware or equipment. It, therefore, makes it easier for a company to expand and move to another location.

The disadvantage of Hosted Voice systems

Vendor Lock-In: you will be tied in your hosted PBX Company. Most hosted PBX vendors might not assist you to have more than one SIP trunks to competing providers. -Call Quality -Downtime -Purchase Options -Security: Encryptions and Firewalls can help enhance safety features but have flaws. -Not Scalable -Hosted Systems can require an entire redo of your infrastructure. -Quality of Sound: The primary grievance about Hosted Systems is their voice satisfaction.

Internet telephone service continues to be a highly new provider and nevertheless has improvements to make. The consistency of your Internet connection can be a contributing component to any troubles with voice first-rate. Resource Nation offers loose gear, recommendations, and purchasing recommendations for commercial enterprise owners and marketers in over a hundred business classes ranging from telephone systems to credit score card processing.


Whether it is connecting groups with nearby and countrywide pre-screened providers or presenting easy carrier comparisons on a VoIP service, Resource Nation empowers enterprise choice makers by way of providing the statistics they want to make smart choices. The surprisingly state-of-the-art communiqué talents of hosted PBX Smartphone machines allow small businesses to experience greater flexibility in their operations. The hosted voice systems will enable them to operate from any area, and this notably boosts employee productivity and business earnings