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5 Reasons Why Newton Is Your Key To Sales Promotions 

For years, retailers have been using different sales promotions to increase foot traffic into their stores. Discounts, freebies, and promo bundles, among other sales strategies, are often eye-catching for shoppers as they bring money-saving advantages that are too good to pass up. These incentives give shoppers instant gratification, especially when they leave the premises with hands full of shopping bags. Have you checked clearance sales on electronics devices?

However, in the ever-growing retail market competition, it can be challenging for brick-and-mortar stores to stand out from other industry players. Retail shops often implement identical sales tactics with competitors, and they need a unique strategy to make them distinguishable.

Retailers can step up their sales promotions by using electronic shelf labels (ESLs). Well-designed and informative digital displays help enhance the shopping experience by providing customers all they need to know about a particular product. The progression of technological innovation has made more current models of an ESL wireless for a more cost-efficient implementation.

To fully maximize their lead generation capacity, retail shops must utilize the latest technology in ESL. As the industry’s leading provider, SoluM introduces its innovative Newton system, bringing retail operations to a whole new world. From dynamic pricing to better product information display, Newton fully automates the network to enhance customer experience while improving workforce productivity.

With Newton, retailers can keep their digital price display updated in real-time to provide shoppers with accurate data about the product. Since this line-up of ESLs is customizable, shops can easily create and change the layout of their sales promotion displays to make them more enticing for visitors. They can also choose from a range of sizes to fit various labeling purposes.

With all the Newton system upgrades, it might just be the key to revolutionizing your sales promotions. For more information about Newton’s features, an infographic from SoluM is provided below.

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