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Adani Group Is All Set To Build Its Own Super App

In today’s digital world, a new market player, Adani Group, has entered into digital business technology. After the Tata Groups, Reliance, Adani Group is the third market player who is planning to launch a Super app. The company has launched a new division under the name of Adani Digital Labs to deal in digital business. Adani Digital Lane is the Group’s youngest arm. Under this division, Adani group is planning to launch a Super App. This Super App will let an end user to access numerous services of Adani’s under same roof. This app will serve as a one-stop solution for all those consumers who use different products & services of Adani Group companies such as electricity, airport, consumer products etc. Do checkout: Adani Gujarat

In simple words, one customer of Adani’s can use the app for using services like solar panels while another can use it for another purpose such as transaction simultaneously. The company is experiencing a quite good consumer growth of 15%. The idea will also help to increase its consumer base.

Which super app are available in India currently?

Few players are already playing well in this field in the market. Tata Groups, Reliance industries under the Jio platform product and services, Paytm, Phone Pe are few super apps used by Indians in day to day life.

Why Indian companies are building super app?

When a large part of population of a country like India is moving towards Digitalization, provided the fact smartphone users increasing day by day, then it becomes fascinating to see how business tech giants offers its products and services through their super app.

How super apps emerged?

The concept of a super app was first seen in China and Southeast Asia by various companies like WeChat, Gojek etc. But in West Asia region, traditional business approach is being followed till date where the company stills offers their products in the malls, stores and build a huge consumer base through this traditional approach.

Few concerns on Super apps:

A super app can possibly create a monopoly as the data will be under the one tech giant’s permission. Further to this, this will also raise the concern of privacy in case a third party has some partnership with the primary company. Privacy is something which brings major concern as in current scenario Data is being considered the most important weapon.

Coming back to the initiative of Super App by Adani Group, this Super app can play an important role in trillion dollar valuation ambition of Adani’s. On addressing his employees, Adani said “It will be a user-friendly app which will let every age group person to access it without any complexity”. Gautam Adani also shared that this idea was presented with a mock-up in January, and it just took few seconds for him to decide on it.

However, this initiative will not only bring competition among various players in this field, but it will let the companies bring the best possible Super Duper app for the consumers towards the brighter digital world.