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3 Important Types of Corporate Videos to Put Out Now

Aside from sales figures, captivating an audience is always a goal for any company. Think of Apple which always cause a commotion every time they launch a product. We’ve seen a lot of corporate videos in Sydney trying to just do the same. Heck, even CEO giants like Elon Musk are willing to risk profit to sell ambitious projects like SpaceX through elaborate and convincing presentations. You see, today’s businesses are not just about having a good product. It’s also communicating how good it is and how much it can excite and entertain people. 

For this kind of strategy, we usually employ the support of a video production company. Agencies like these can help come up with a corporate video that will help make a statement especially now that more people are watching videos online due to the coronavirus pandemic. The digital space is also filled with videos that it’s tough to compete against without some pretty powerful messaging and visuals. To help you strategize around this, here are three kinds of videos you might want to put out now for your company.

Focus on impact

There is no better time to tell how much of a good difference your company is making in the lives of people. The pandemic has already stirred a lot of negative emotions, depression, and anxiety. This is not the right time to use fear as a tactic to boost your business. Instead, concentrate your messaging on the lives you’ve changed. Don’t boast accomplishments or sales figures either, as it may come off as insensitive. Ask your corporate video agency in Sydney to get real people talking about concrete impact of your product, service or CSR initiative. This gives a message of hope and certainty that things will get better soon.

Focus on brand equity

There are companies that have built such a good reputation, the name has become a trusted brand. Big companies like Starbucks or Apple or IBM have earned this kind of status. While it takes a lot of experience and years in business to achieve this, startups and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) can actually use this pandemic time to boost brand equity. People are looking for “hero brands” or companies that can show opportunity in a time of crisis. One example is Proctor and Gamble which found its success during the Great Depression. This is a good time to create a corporate video in Sydney that will garner support for your brand. 

Focus on social media clout

The companies that are thriving this year are those that have a strong presence in the digital space. The competition has shifted from the streets to the pages of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With more people staying at home, they spend more time on the internet browsing for products, shopping for items, and getting acquainted with new brands. If you haven’t poured your marketing efforts to making social media videos, now is the time. You can easily hire a production company in Australia to help you come up with short videos that can quickly go viral and get you the followers every other company would envy having.