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Top 5 Benefits of ATS + CRM For Recruiting Agencies

Recruitment as a practice has evolved rapidly since its inception. Companies have even begun branching out to create different tools to focus on specific stages of the recruitment funnel.

And while you can find different softwares to suit your purposes, two in particular are essential for any recruitment agency in today’s competitive market- ATS and CRM.

What Are They?

While both ATS and CRM are often used interchangeably, there are clear differences between the two. Most agencies today refer to their recruiting software as a CRM, to keep things simple, but let’s take a look at the difference.


ATS or Applicant Tracking System is a type of software used by recruiters to collect, sort, scan, and rank job applicants being recruited for different positions. An ATS tracks an applicant’s progress, assesses the entire recruitment journey, and makes selection and hiring as streamlined as possible.


A CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) is a tool that helps manage all candidate data. It delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media, and facilitates team communication.

An ATS is a tool for managing inflow of applicants while a CRM is a pool of manageable candidates who can be contacted easily when there is a job opening.

Benefits of ATS + CRM

In today’s competitive environment, it’s imperative to integrate CRM with ATS onto a single platform. Here are some benefits of having ATS CRM software to aid with recruitment efforts.

  1. Access To Data

With an ATS CRM software like the one offered by Recruiterflow, your employees can keep track of applicants.

The ATS sorts out data on applicants, giving each candidate a separate portfolio that can be easily accessed. Meanwhile, the CRM software allows you to dive deeper into the particulars of a candidate’s profile and keep a store of messages, email exchanges, and any other communication with candidates.

  1. Multiple Job Posting

By integrating an ATS and CRM, your agency can post jobs simultaneously on multiple job boards and receive actionable responses.

An ATS allows you to upload job openings on several platforms with a single click. The candidates who apply for these jobs are guided directly to the dashboard of your CRM software. Once here, they can inquire more about their jobs and receive quick responses from the CRM software.

  1. Improved Cost Per Hire

By integrating an ATS and CRM software into your business, your agency can help companies improve their cost per hire.

Hiring the wrong candidate can actually cost a business more money than you can imagine, while hiring the right candidate can increase a business’ revenue.

By integrating ATS CRM software, like the one at Recruiterflow, you can source and hire the top talent in the market. This allows you to reassure companies of your understanding of the market, giving them more reason to source candidates through your agency.

  1. Build and Maintain Candidate Relationships

An ATS simplifies and streamlines the application process for potential candidates, increasing the likelihood that the right talent will apply for jobs.

A CRM helps to foster personal relationships with the candidates who have applied. It notifies them about openings, updates them on potential roles, and answers any FAQS that they may have about a particular job.

This helps to retain candidates, which is essential for times when your agency receives multiple hiring requests and needs people to fill those positions.

  1. Easy Scheduling

With an ATS CRM software like Recruiterflow’s, scheduling interviews and meetings becomes a lot simpler.

Using the repository of candidates gathered by the ATS, the CRM software sends out a calendar to candidates highlighting slots when employees from your agency are available. Candidates select a slot that suits them and your employee is notified about the timing, ensuring that the meeting or interview takes place when it’s convenient for both parties.

ATS + CRM Is A Must!

So as you can see, a recruitment agency must possess software that has an ATS and CRM to ensure success in today’s recruitment market.

Today, in such a candidate-centric work market, agencies need to tailor their efforts towards enhancing candidate experience as much as possible. And if you prioritise your efforts on this aspect of your recruitment business, with the help of an ATS CRM software, the market is yours.