Your Options For the Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

If you have an issue with noise pollution, noise cancelling earbuds may be a solution.

Do ear buds help against overstimulation?

To prevent from being distracted in a noisy environment one may be able to block out some noise using noise cancelling earplugs. However, these products do have their limitations. They will not eliminate the problem of visual overstimulation by seeing light, colors, patterns, people in a group, and other complex visual stimuli.

Putting in earplugs is not a real solution for people with what we call “overstimulation”. It can be, however, a tool that helps decrease overstimulation when you are in a noisy environment. The earbuds can help you to remain focused on whatever you’re listening to. Use the best noise cancelling earbuds that you possible can for this purpose.


Earmuffs attenuate approximately from 25 to 37 dB. Earmuffs over earplugs dampen even more. There are passive and active earmuffs. Active earmuffs also have anti-noise active noise reduction. But it never goes completely silent. That’s because the earmuffs only attenuate harmful frequencies. In factories and in construction, workers must continue to hear warning sounds from machines. So count about 25 dB on top of the earplugs. It is never a pure addition of, for example, 39 dB + 37 dB. Well-known brands with “high attenuation” (37 dB) are for example Peltor, (3M Peltor X5A) Honeywell and Howard. Of Peltor’s passive earmuffs, the red earmuffs are the most dampening.

Mute earplugs and that is what they are meant for

The advice of using noise cancelling earplugs to reduce background noise is great advice. Although, as discussed earlier in this article, they do have their limitations. Many people, especially those who are musically inclined, have found these devices to be quite helpful to them.

What is noise canceling?

Noise canceling dampens any disturbing ambient noise that is outside of the sounds emanating from the earbuds themselves. This anti-noise is produced from the sound around you, which is picked up by microphones in the headphones and earbuds. Then the sound is analyzed and twisted, so that you are less bothered by your environment.

When do you use noise canceling?

Especially in noisy environments, noise canceling headphones and earplugs offer a solution. Noise canceling will reduce your distraction from a buzzing airplane engine or noisy train. Sounds like voices are difficult to filter, especially for basic and mid-range noise canceling headphones. Noise canceling earplugs have similar function and purpose as noise canceling headphones.