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Why VPN can be dangerous for you?

VPN service is famous these days for the protection which it provides to the users from the threats online. Free VPN service is also offered by many companies but they have their terms and conditions for the usage.

Free VPN does provide all the basic features but it has its limitations and terms. We are going to discuss a few things which you need to consider before using VPN free.

It slows down the internet

Adding a VPN service means that you are adding a layer of the privacy to the network using the VPN server. You don’t access it directly anymore rather it is accessed via a VPN provider. This hides the IP address and encrypts all the data as well but the travel time for the data is increased which increases a lot of complexities.

If your VPN is not powerful the internet speeds are slowed down. The streaming and downloading features are affected. This may not be the case every time because some providers have high speed as well. Some VPN providers are optimized to make sure that your internet speed is not disturbed.

It does not guarantee 100% anonymity

Your data may be still at risk although you are using the VPN service. Mostly the DNS leaking issue occurs where you are browsing and your VPN disconnect suddenly and you are open for tracking to government organizations or other hackers. Some VPN providers offer Kill Switch which automatically disconnects the network to make sure that you remain safe.

There are still many means through which your data may get leaked using the software, hardware or other means.

It cannot bypass all restrictions

VPN is mostly used to bypass all the restricted content. It is quite easy for VPN to unblock the sites but some content may be difficult for it to bypass. Most of the VPN providers cannot bypass sites like Netflix.

Compatibility issues

Your operating system may not be compatible with it. if you are using an operating system which is used by millions, then it is fine otherwise a less popular OS may not be supported by your VPN.

You may find few ways to configure it but it is recommended to use an operating system which is supported by most of the free VPN service providers.

Mostly VPNs services are available for the four most popular OS which are macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. If you are using anything else, you are likely to face a lot of challenges.

These are some of the disadvantages of the VPN which you must know before you start using it. if you plan to use a VPN, make sure that you are using a reputable service.

A reputable service provider won’t have these issues or at least minimize these problems. In short, if you are worried about your security and privacy, VPN is the best option for you to save yourself.