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What’s the PMP Certification exam and how to clear it?

Project management has been a core component of every effective enterprise. Businesses today are faced with intensified competition, better product standards and challenging deadlines. The rate of disappointment is high in the sky, with any error losing precious consumers.

To meet the demands of modern day industry, companies have begun to employ skilled, competent and trained project managers.

Many authorities offer project management certificates; however, PMP certification stands out from the crowd as the most in-demand certification.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about PMP certification, eligibility criteria, how to obtain it and once you do, how to retain this certificate.

What’s the PMP Certification?

The PMP stands for Project Management Professional, and the certification is provided by the Project Management Institute.

PMI is a non-profit company that allows project professionals to master the new technologies and strategies.

The PMP method is designed to help you schedule tasks and organize multiple events to effectively complete each project with minimal interruption.

Certification of PMP has become an industry practice and is the most desirable in project management. If your resume has a PMP title,it will dramatically improve the popularity of your resume on career platforms and make you a more attractive job seeker.

This certification is applicable in all fields and is recognized worldwide. It indicates that you have the expertise, qualifications, and knowledge to lead and direct projects effectively.

Phase of pmp certification exam Submission

There are two forms to register for a PMP test: offline and online. Both methods need the same information; however the online process is fast, and you will need to send hard copies to PMI via an offline courier, which will take some time.

To start the application process of PMP exam, go to their website, create an account, and fill in theapplication form for the exam. You may need to provide information about your background, experience and preparation.

When you start the procedure, you have 90 days to complete your submission.

After you apply the form, you will be selected for an audit. If you are picked, the PMI will send you an email for further action. You will be required to submit copies of the professional credentials, experience certificates and proof of completion of the training course.

When you submit these forms, they can authorize it within one week and then you will pay the review fee. From this date, your one-year qualifying period begins and you must pass the PMP exam during this period. You are going to be given three tries.

If you are not chosen for an audit, the eligibility period will start automatically and you will make the charge.

PMP exam Passingscore

The PMI used to make the passing mark known for the PMP test. Currently, no one knows what makes the PMP passing score, except PMI.

It is commonly thought that the passing score of the PMP exam is about 70%.

Please note that the passing score of the PMP is not set. It depends on the difficulty level of the test. If you have quick questions, your passing rating will be higher, and if you have tough questions, your passing rate will be lower.