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What Makes MilesWeb’s Managed Cloud Hosting Awesome?

Websites have secured their place as important assets that every modern business must have. It goes without saying that doing any activity with an intent to generate income needs to have an online presence. In this digital age, people or businesses without a website or any online activity are like swimmers attempting to cross an ocean. 

That said, to create a website is one thing and, to take it online is an entirely different question. The only way to launch a website online is to upload it on a server machine that will register its IP address on the internet. It is what web hosting is!

Over the years of many innovations and technological advancements, people can avail of hosting services with any requirement under any budget limit. There are tons of hosting options, not to mention service providers that can entertain your any demand related to hosting. Still, there are certain limitations that every hosting service encounters. It may be performance capabilities, technical specifications, software compatibility or cost of services. People were in need of a hosting service or a technology that could overcome these restrictions. Thus, cloud hosting was born!

A very practical application of cloud computing, cloud hosting has resolved the issue of the limitations of web hosting services. 

Cloud Hosting

Web hosting services usually utilize a single server machine to upload a website and connect it to the internet. It gives the website memory space and fulfills other technical requirements, but that is all. You have to pay a fixed subscription fee to maintain the hosting. 

For cloud hosting, the provider will host your website/s on multiple servers interconnected to form a cloud network that pools together resources to share. Undoubtedly the most advanced hosting service in existence, cloud hosting has only the best to offer users. 

Near Unlimited Resources

There are enormous resources a single server provides. So, multiple servers will have almost inexhaustible resources that can support any number of heavy websites. Of course, there are limits to resource usage, but there are very few cases where you actually surpass them.


Owing to resource limitations placed by the providers, users are allowed to change the threshold. Cloud hosting comes with a control panel that allows users to scale these resources freely as per the requirements. You need not have to worry about the days when web traffic suddenly surges and threatens to slow your website. Adjusting the resource allocation like memory space or bandwidth consumption will resolve these issues.


Cloud may be comprised of many individual server machines, yet it has a unique and virtually isolated computing environment. There is no easy way to force access or take down the internal firewalls meaning the setup is completely secure. The infrastructure itself is robust and is compatible with essential security tools that you can add later on.

Flexible Billing

One of the most retaining features of cloud hosting is that you can pay for the resources you consume. Based on a pay-for-use mechanism, you can manually regulate the resource allocation, ergo the amount of money you are billed. With this flexible billing structure, you can avoid overpaying for the services or waste unnecessary resources.

However, despite all of these remarkable features, the challenges to managing cloud hosting are real. You have to be vigilant, dextrous and most importantly, aware of the know-how about hosting technologies. 

There is a way that allows you to host a website on a cloud without worries about managing it by yourself, managed cloud hosting.

Managed Cloud Hosting by MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a fast-growing web hosting company that provides a wide array of hosting-related services. Managed Cloud hosting is one of the many premium hosting services that MilesWeb provides. Its services already have great MilesWeb reviews on various platforms that speak of its quality. That aside, it has some excellent features that make managed cloud hosting an incredible service.

India-based Cloud Server

MilesWeb has multiple data centers in India that it uses to host websites. The cloud server for managed cloud hosting services consists of the servers from these data centers. Although the cloud server network is fast, a location in the region of the target audience always gives you an edge. The India-based cloud services can help you monopolize the target audience in the south Asian region.

Fully Managed

The technical team at MilesWeb oversees and actively manages your cloud hosting. The team consists of cloud experts that monitor your website’s performance, requirements and configure your hosting. You can be carefree about scaling and monitoring tasks and leave everything to the pros while you focus on your website/s.

Instant Provisioning

The registration procedure is simple and quick. As for the service provisioning, your hosting goes live the moment your payment is processed. There are no waiting or confirmation periods or unnecessary delays.

Dedicated Support

The customer support for the managed cloud hosting by MilesWeb is exclusive. The clients are actively assisted by cloud experts that have years of experience in handling cloud hosting. They provide short and understandable responses to your cloud hosting queries. The response time is almost instant and, you can expect their 24-hour availability for all days of your service contract.

No Hidden Fees

MilesWeb has a fixed payment structure that includes every service charge. The maintenance, setup and optimizations are all done with the amount you pay for the service package. 

Here is the payment structure for managed cloud hosting plans of MilesWeb:

Why is it a Perfect Solution for You?

If you are a business that has considerable online dealings, cloud hosting is perfect for you. The unpredictability and heavy utility demands of an eCommerce website can be handled more efficiently with cloud hosting.

However, managing and maintaining cloud hosting requires considerable time and effort that you can otherwise put in to improve your business. Hence, if you cannot handle the hosting and the hustle at once, it is recommended you switch to managed cloud hosting.

MilesWeb provides top-of-the-line cloud hosting that gives high performance and perfect customer support at affordable prices.