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What Is The Trendiest Block Puzzle Game Today? We Tell You Our Favorite

Block puzzles have long been recognized as a favorite rainy day pastime. Today, smartphones provide users the opportunity to play these puzzles whenever or wherever they want. You can find so many interesting and engaging ones in the app stores. These help test your skills along with pattern and sequence solving abilities. Amongst the assortment available, our top pick is the one that is challenging, unique, holds hours of entertainment, helps you be more productive, and improve your mood.

We are talking about BlockuDoku!

It is a Sudoku-style 9×9 board game where you have to drag and match the blocks on the board and keep the board clutter-free. Once the board is clear, the game ends. Simple, isn’t it? Not really, it is certainly an authentic game of blocks but with a twist of Sudoku making every level a challenging one. 

What makes this block puzzle the trendiest?

It is easy, addictive, and your perfect dose of entertainment. The more blocks you clear, the higher your scores escalate. We were thrilled to beat our personal best, but eventually, it was quite evident how unimpressive that score was. As you keep playing, you will discover the tricks and tips to rock at BlockuDoku and watch your scores getting doubled.

It features soothing visuals, challenging gameplay, and free to play levels that are a great way to chill and spend your time doing something meaningful. Moreover, it is a good fit for both Sudoku and block puzzle lovers. When you begin the game, it flashes a quick tutorial letting you know the kind of shapes you can create to keep the board clean. Once you are done with that – voila, you can take up the daily challenges or play a new game. It looks quite easy but gets harder as you progress. The way to master evil challenges is to play smart, stay consistent, think less, work more, and get those blocks out of your way. 

Want to test your skills?

Being a mix of two different games, BlockuDoku still offers independent gameplay. There are other famous block puzzles like Wood Block Puzzle, Block! Triangle: Tangram, and Block Puzzle Box, on the app store. But our top favorite is the BlockuDoku Block Puzzle by Easybrain, which is not only for beginners but is excellent for pro players as well.

So, install and play the BlockuDoku block puzzle. Keep beating your scores and keep playing this fantastic block game. It is something you would not be able to put aside.