What Is Digital Signage? Interesting Facts About Digital Signage?

‘Modern problems require modern solutions’ is an appeasing adage. At this technological era, we are driven by sophisticated needs, satiated by the most progressive solution called ‘digital’.  This powerful word has made our life’s errands swift and smooth. So what does ‘digital signage’ mean? You surely are a beneficiary of it, without being cognizant about it.

The information on the arriving and departing flights on large display boards in an airport, display of shops and routes in a mall are simple examples of digital signage. It is an amalgamation of technologies like LCD, LED, Projector, hardware, internet etc. These magnificent boards attract the onlookers and brief them with the desired information on the go. Enterprises that install digital signage with appropriate, enticing content are highly likely to flourish than their peers.

Types Of Digital Signage:

Static – This is the simplest type that houses static content and installed with less equipment. Yet they provide high value to the business in terms of attracting customers.

Interactive – These are equipped with touch screens to intake inputs and respond accordingly. Say, a customer looking to buy shoes would be showcased with a shoe store by means of alluring content. This can include more costs.

Dynamic – The content keeps changing pertaining to trends and user behavior. An efficient content management system is necessary. Example would be displaying of special delicacy of the restaurant that goes well with the current weather.

Advantages Of Digital Signage:

Attracts customers – Engaging digital content has the potential to influence anyone. This can result in impulsive purchase and planned purchases as well. Improved sales lead to improved profit undoubtedly

High popularity – Outdoor LCD advertisements get attention by the people and gives familiarity about the business. There is no better business strategy than popularity.

State of the art modeling – Technological solutions has enabled to track user behavior and do customized advertising. Incorporating such solutions in digital signage is highly beneficial to the users as well as businesses

Data on the go – Displaying useful chunks of information like weather reports, news headlines, or trending matters keeps customers engaged in their wait time and makes them revisit your premises. A bored, waiting customer staring at a screen is always a better target to promote your business.

Interesting Facts About Digital Signage:

Digital signage solutions has transformed the way businesses operate. Customer influx has developed multifold in the recent years with digital signage, than conventional marketing. Staying idle is one trait that is extinct from the human race. People don’t stay idle, instead scroll through their mobile phones inadvertently to keep themselves engaged.

This is where digital signage has swooped in to make customer engagement fruitful with realistic results. A lonely customer watching a digital board can easily be lead inside the store, by means of the catchy content.

More customers at the door would directly proportionate to more revenue. It’s not just about making a profit, but also advantageous to the customer by making his shopping experience seamless.