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What is a Digital Marketing Agency? What Does a Digital Agency Do?

Unlike traditional advertising agencies, digital marketing agency conducts marketing activities in all online and digital channels.

Services that can be provided by digital agencies include activities such as web design, mobile application development, search engine ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media management, social media ads, content strategy creation, graphic design and e-mail marketing.

The performance of all marketing activities performed by digital marketing agencies can be measured easily, unlike traditional agencies. The returns or yields of advertisements on TV, newspapers, magazines or billboards can be measured indirectly at best. The return of all activities in  digital marketing agency can be measured directly and necessary steps can be taken to make them more efficient.

For example, television commercials and advertisements in the prime-time are shown to everyone who watches the channel between those hours, and if the number of people watching the channel is high, the advertising price is also high.

However, if the product or service you offer is only for pregnant women, only a certain number of people watching the channel are relevant to your ad. If you were just showing ads to that audience, you probably would have been able to pay less. However, with digital marketing, you can easily target those who are interested in topics such as birth, pregnancy, and show your ads to that relevant audience only.

What Services Digital Agencies Can Provide?


Digital agencies can offer digital marketing solutions within the scope of the following activities:

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • PPC Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and any other platform)
  • Web Design
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation Production
  • Video Production

For getting more information about digital marketing agency services you can check as an example.

How Digital Agencies Work

First of all, digital agencies understand the business model and target group of the company that they will provide services. Then, they make research on the online channels widely used by the target audience, and finds out where the target audience interacts or reacts more.

The most important point that should focused on while creating a digital marketing strategy is; to obtain data related to your target audience’s shopping habits, interaction with your brand, needs and interests, and to use the data effectively.

In order to be successful in online marketing activities, you should be able to use your data to increase your conversions. In order to do this work, you need to manage multi-channel customer experiences by adopting the aim of integrating marketing and sales processes aiming to increase conversions. Each online interaction creates a seamless customer experience in a multi-channel relationship.

Within the scope of digital marketing strategy, agencies aim to prepare the most accurate planning and starts to implement it. While implementing this plan, a digital agency tries to manage the marketing budget of the company in the most efficient way.

For instance, conversion rates of digital ads are closely monitored. If the results are not as good as expected, improvements can be made quickly. Conversion goals are usually increased leads and sales, as well as they can be brand awareness or higher site visitors.

How to Choose the Right Digital Agency for Your Business?

There are many important points to consider when choosing the right digital agency for your business. Some questions to ask when choosing digital marketing agencies:

Do they offer free information or free analysis?

Did they work with companies similar to your business?

Are they listening to your target before submitting an offer?

Do they develop a digital marketing strategy and roadmap to suit your goal?

The most important issue you will determine when working with digital marketing agency is the ultimate goal you want to achieve. These goals may include increasing sales, increasing traffic, increasing visibility and awareness. You should use your marketing budget in the most efficient way within the target you want to achieve.