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What Are The Different Types Of Website Design?

Nowadays, responsive design can be regarded as the optimal type of design for the website of your company. But, there are also many different types of a website design which one should know about such as:

  • Fixed Design

This is one of the most common types that is adopted by the best Ottawa web design companies. These particular web pages possess a set width that does not alter at the time the browser is resized. 

In this regard, the device does not matter at all. Particularly, on some devices such as smartphones or tablets, it is quite difficult to view content. 

Not only that, but the users may find it annoying due to the need to scroll horizontally to view the rest of the content on a page. At the time, the browser on a screen is reduced or enlarged, text as well as images may fall apart visually on that particular screen. 

  • Fluid Or Liquid Design

Ottawa web design companies also consider adopting fluid or liquid design. At the time of resizing the browser, the content on the page spreads out to fill the browser width when it is expanded. That is why it is known as liquid design. 

Also, the columns which contain the webpage content are specifically built by making use of percentages instead of the fixed columns that are involved in the case of the fixed design. As a result, there is a decrease or increase in the size of columns relative to one another. 

  • Responsive Design

This particular design is considered to be most popular among the Ottawa web design companies. The main aim is to make the website viewing convenient and easier by displaying the particular website on different devices in easy to navigate as well as read forms. 

Also, the users do not have to scroll, pan, or resize specifically throughout the website to read the website content. The website is usable as well as viewable on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. 

Also, while making a responsive web design, the designers do not need to design numerous formats of the website that have been rearranged for different devices. 

So, the websites which are shaped by making use of responsive design specifically display diverse content because the browser is reduced or expanded to predestined sizes. 

Final Words

Therefore, these are various types of the website design which one should know about. Also, the Ottawa web design companies need to analyze the devices that their target audience is viewing their website. 

In case, the target audience is viewing your website on smartphones, then it is not at all a good idea to invest in such a website that is compatible with desktop.