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What A Top Microsoft Flight Simulator Game Should Have

Although air travel has become quite unusual since 2020 due to the pandemic, you can still explore the world with a Microsoft Flight simulator. This flight simulation game helps to maintain your interest in aviation with top features and realistic graphics. However, to truly enjoy a flight simulator game, you need to look out for a couple of features. These qualities make for an enjoyable experience in a flight simulation game. We would be exploring the features a top Microsoft flight simulator game should have to ensure you always pick the best; let’s dive right in.


When you take on a Microsoft flight simulator game, it should be as close to the real thing as possible. This reason is why realism is a top feature on the list – it should make you feel as if you’re truly inside the airport. The environment should have enough details to make it a real treat. The precision with which the developer makes the entire game and the details will make you know whether this is a game worth trying out. Not only should a game have 3D photorealistic graphics, but players should also be able to enjoy in-game sounds that are as close to reality as possible.

Game Scale

Being able to offer the world in just a single game is quite the challenge, but a top Microsoft flight simulator game will be able to pull it off. Developers should make airports look precisely as they look in the real world. Players should have access to a variety of airports and airplanes to enjoy the game truly. Many gamers play flight simulators to be able to travel the world from their homes. This purpose is defeated if they only have access to a couple of airports or planes to express their love for aviation.

Real-Time Weather Engine

When controlling an airport, in reality, there are going to be weather changes to adapt to. This feature should also be available in a Microsoft flight simulator. Some players use flight simulator games to practice theoretical concepts in aviation schools. It is a cost-effective and safe method to put to practice lessons learned. This reason is why a top Microsoft flight simulator game should be able to provide detailed, realistic weather updates. You should be able to witness different weather changes, humidity, temperature, and varying wind speed in a flight simulator game. ATC flight simulator games use live air traffic to practice takeoff and landing like in an actual airport.

Flight Training Mode

Another top feature to look out for in a top Microsoft simulator game is the training mode. The only reason while this flight simulator passes for us in flight training is because of the 3D photorealistic graphics, weather conditions, and choices it offers players. A Microsoft Flight simulator game should provide players with the chance to control the littlest details and be able to attend training exercises right in the game. This point is why voice command is a welcome addition to flight simulator games and makes for a top Microsoft flight simulator game.